2017 Bustin Gear Guide: Craft Series 9.875″

Skateboarding is all about creativity and keeping things fresh which is the whole inspiration behind our Craft Series skateboards. Standard “Popsicle” street decks are very fun but sometimes its nice to mix up the pace a little and add a little spice to your skating which is exactly where our Craft 9.875″ board can help you out. Featuring retro inspired elements that have been perfectly blended with a little modern tech, this board is our spin on roots riding.

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Suggested Set-up:

-Trucks: 169mm (~9.0″) TKP trucks will give you a more techy ride while 215mm TKP trucks will fit the old head bill perfectly.

-Wheels: Your favorite brand 56mm-60mm wheel will unleash the maximum pump speed while still allowing for the pursuits out of the pool.

Bearings:  A set of Bustin Abec9’s will give you the extra speed needed to reach the deep end pool coping but also stand up to repeated ollies.

Prince demonstrating the versatility to the Craft 9.875″. Photo: Khaleeq