Today’s #BoardOfTheDay is the FIRST look at the fully re-engineered Maestro (E)CORE™, carrying with it more technical explanation than one post will allow.  As you can quickly recognize, this isn’t the Maestro you’re used to seeing, but with one lap around the block you’ll discover it’s much more than what you’re used to riding. 

At the beginning of our design process we set out rethink a Maestro that maintained everything riders loved about the PUSH-feature, while achieving a new versatility that fit within our #skateeverything company ethos.  It HAD to be a PUSHER… but we wanted it to do more things well, with a tighter focus on freeride and freestyle skating.  To achieve this we had to tear down and haul away the design that thousands of riders around the world swear by on their daily push.  Ill advised?  Perhaps, but when you finally get a chance to ride it just wait for that moment when your standing on the corner, catching your breath shaking your head “yaaaaas”.  That’s what it’s all about, and that’s why we never stand still. 

We’ll be dropping more photos, features and technical specs about the NEW Maestro very very soon… stay tuned.

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