The all new & supremely improved Bustin 2018 Lineup drops next month. Today’s #BoardOfTheDay is a sneak peek at the NEW Yoface 35” (E)CORE™, now lighter and stronger than any Yoface to-date.  The new construction brings a lighter, more nimble flight to a slightly modified but very familiar Yoface design.  The big-wheel-welcoming wheel wells and 3D concave stay the same between the 16.5” wheelbase and the nose and tail are nearly identical to the previous mold.  If you’re familiar with the Yoface, you’ll find a familiar cockpit within a much lighter, much pop’ier frame.  Last but not least, feast on the triaxial fiberglass inserts through the tail and truck-mounts making the new Yoface your go-to puddle jumper for years to come.

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