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If you’re a college student and looking forward to longboarding, you have just reached the right place to learn about longboards. We have got here the best review on campus longboards that you can use to ride to your classroom while having some fun on the sidewalks and down the path. This review will help you choose the right longboard among thousands of products available in the market. You can find here some really cool models to get to your college faster in style. This quick guide will help you find a long lasting longboard that you can easily carry in the classroom without facing any trouble. These campus longboards are not only easy and comfortable to ride for beginners but also quite affordable for students.

Top 5 Best Campus Longboards

Which one suitable for you, campus longboard or bicycle?

When it comes to getting around a large college campus, one needs to choose between a bicycle and a longboard. This decision can be difficult because both seem to have some undeniable advantages. But, considering practicality, cost, maneuverability and storage, campus longboards are much better for energetic youngsters.

On campus, longboards are more practicable than bikes due to their light weight and small size. Bicycles require more space to ride whereas longboards can be rolled outdoors as well as indoors without causing any trouble to others. Whether you need to reach campus faster or want to get from one class to another quickly, longboards are best to have. Even if the sidewalks are crowded or corridors are filled with students, you can ride your longboard without hitting anybody at a suitable pace.

best campus cruiser longboardLongboards do not only provide better campus rides but also cost inexpensively comparing to bicycles. Being students, you can purchase a good, high-quality longboard for campus cruising from your pocketmoney. The money that can buy you an average bicycle can actually be used to purchase a pro longboard with all advance features and impressive design. Moreover, longboards do not cost much when it comes to their maintenance and regular tuning. In fact, you can buy a skate tool kit and repair the longboard whenever wherever the need arises. While on the other hand, bicycles require proper maintenance and may cost much for minor fixes.

Although longboards don’t have brakes, they are still preferable to ride in the campus. Due to small size, you can easily maneuver through the crowd by taking quick turns and pauses. Whenever it seems difficult to control, you can always take the foot off and grab the board in a whim. Also, if you want to impress the college buddies by showing some tricks, longboards are great to go with.

Another factor that proves longboards better than bicycles for campus use is storage. You don’t have to lock your longboard with a tree or at a stand like bicycle because you can easily carry it under your arm or at your shoulder. It’s recommended that your campus longboard is light and small as bigger one would become a burden to carry all day long.

What you need to consider when buying the campus longboard

In campus, you cover a lot of short distances between different buildings to attend classes. The walking paths are also crowded by a large number of people going from here to there to get their tasks done. Considering this scenario, the best longboard for campus use is the one with short deck length and trucks, particularly designed for better maneuverability. This combination of features in a longboard will allow you to swerve through the crowd easily while picking up on speed quickly.

Short decks are also lightweight that make them pretty easy to carry when not riding. As a matter of fact, bigger longboards like downhill boards are pretty heavy and cannot be carried all day long to and from class. For campus use, cruisers or commuters are preferable as they are cheap and fit students’ need perfectly.

Being new to longboarding, you must not buy something expensive than $200. In this price range, you can find some good models of longboards perfect for beginners. Although specific longboards are designed for specific riding style, beginners should always prefer standard boards with all basic characteristics. If we talk about the size of the boards, stay below 40”. For that matter, campus cruisers are considered best for students as they come with the deck size ranging from 25” to 35”.

longboarding campusYou will also need to consider the components of a longboard while purchasing one. Trucks and wheels are the most important features of any longboard designed for any purpose. For college use, trucks ranging from 150mm to 180mm are perfect as they offer more stability enabling students to ride safely on crowded paths of campus. You also need to check the diameter, curves, edges and material of the wheels to ensure smooth ride. You should go with softer wheels and squared lips rather than harder wheels and round lips to enjoy better grip and smoother rides. Wheels ranging from 65mm to 75mm are pretty good to make gliding on campus easier.

The most significant thing you need to consider while purchasing a longboard is the use of safety gears. Mostly students ignore using safety gears and end up getting severe injuries. It’s a risky sport hence you must use longboard helmets, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards especially if you like to ride faster and do tricks. Longboard gloves keep your hands and wrist safe from getting shock injuries and scratches. In proper longboard suits, you can ride to campus more speedily without worrying about injuries.

Top 5 Best Campus Longboard Review

MBS All-Terrain Longboard

Here comes this all-terrain longboard ready to open a new world for campus skaters. With its 100mm treaded, high rebound wheels, this longboard offers smooth rides whereas its 190mm trucks allow impressive turning. It’s one of the best longboards for college students who need something easy to ride with increased practicability and maneuverability. It comes with 10 ply maple drop deck that keeps your center of gravity low allowing easy pushing and off-roading. You can get it in all assembled form hence no need to worry about post-buying setup process. It has some 58 customer reviews and majority finds it best for campus use due to perfect size and flawless features.
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Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Complete Longboard 36″

The Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop through Free-ride complete longboard is an extraordinary 36” inch surface riding equipment. Designed in a drop through style, this longboard is simply perfect for freeride, cruising and downhill riding as well. Its flawless technical structure and impressive parts have made it multifunctional. Whether you’re looking for the best skateboard or longboard for college use, this model is really good to go with. Due to its length, you can enjoy increased stability while double kingpin feature enhances its turns and slides impressively. It has 110 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 showing that this longboard is worth buying!
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Atom Drop Through Longboard – 40 Inch

Atom Drop Through longboard holds a good reputation due to its affordable price, greater service and design. Considering its 227 customer reviews, it has earned the top rating of 4.6 out of 5 that’s quite impressive. Coming with 40” long and 10” wide deck, this longboard is perfect for those who have large feet and much experience in handling bigger decks. The deck is maple laminated and trucks come with 180mm hangers enabling quick and smooth turns. It has ABEC 9 bearings with high speed lubricants and wheel with 70mm diameter. Overall, it can turn out to be a perfect longboard on campus for pros not beginners.
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Ridge Skateboards Big Brother Large Retro Cruiser – 27 Inch

The Ridge Skateboards brand is here to offer this amazing mini cruiser for the college students. Its 27” long and 7.5” wide deck makes this longboard more stable for beginners and gives a larger turning circle. It’s a high-quality longboard that comes with 59mm 78A PU wheels and offers smoothest rides. The top notch quality of materials is used to manufacture this longboard. From solid wheels to straight deck and smooth rides, each and every feature makes it the best penny board for college campus use. It has the rating of 4.5 out of 5 at Amazon and 143 customer reviews, all stating how this longboard has enabled to enjoy this sport.
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Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Plastic Complete Skateboard (22.5×6-Inch)

If you want to enjoy stress-free longboarding in college, this product is all you need! Coming with a plastic deck, this longboard is pretty light to carry and quite easy to ride. It has 3.15” trucks with 90A bearings and 59mm soft wheels with 78A durometer. Whether you want to do sliding or some crazy tricks, this product is fine to go with. Being a student, you will also find it pretty easy to carry in your bag-pack without feeling any burden. It is perfect for beginners and regular cruisers who want to enjoy fun rides. Considering its 466 customer reviews, majority has rated it 5 out of 5 stating that this longboard has benefitted them in various ways.

These 5 longboards are perfect for regular college use but if you don’t find them attractive or satisfactory, check out here some more longboards that cost inexpensively and can be used on the campus without any trouble.
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Longboarding is the sport of youngsters hence there is nothing wrong in using these boards on campus as well. In fact, longboards are better than bicycles when it comes to covering short distance on the campus ground. The high maneuverability, affordable cost and easy storage makes longboards preferable than bicycles for college use. It’s also essential to purchase appropriate longboards considering different features such as size, trucks, wheels, cost and materials. For safe longboarding, you also need to consider using safety gears such as longboard gloves, helmets and knee-elbow pads. Check out our top 5 campus longboards to get yourself the best riding deck for regular college use!

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