Best Skateboard Bushings

Skateboarding is an exhilarating four-wheel experience and has a phenomenal fan following around the world. Skateboard has various components that make up the whole structure and each part has a vital role to play; bushing is one of them.

Bushings are attached to the trucks of a skateboard and each truck comes with two bushings. One is facing the street called top bushing while the board-facing bottom bushing. They assist in letting your board to turn and pivot in smooth manner. We have compiled a list of best skateboard bushing to help you make the best choice.

Top four Best Skateboard Bushing on Amazon

How to Choose the Right Skateboard Bushing For Truck

Skateboard bushings are made of polyurethane, just like skateboard wheels which is basically plastic. They are available in the market in various colours,shapes and hardness with varying degrees. Here, in this article, we are going to help you choose best one for your style of riding and provide a comprehensive overview.

All skateboards come with their original bushings. They are added in the whole package as standard additions and are perfectly aligned with the wheels. Most skaters can easily skate using them. However, they are made available separately as well to enhance your riding experience by providing you with better options. They also are used for replacements once your old ones are no longer useable.

Skateboard Bushings


Skateboard truck bushing durometer

Durometer is the measurement of hardness of the skateboard bushings. There are different scales used to measure the durometer of a bushing. The most commonly used is A Scale, which range from 1 to 100 to measure the hardness. Few companies use the B Scale, which is 20 points lower than the A Scale for harder bushings. For instance, for 80b durometer is 100a durometer with the same hardness. These skateboard bushings are wider and have more accurate hardness range than others.

As far as which hardness provide easier riding experience, softer bushings are easier to use when you are looking for a smooth turn, as they are easier for hanger to compress. The responsiveness of your bushings also depends on how much loose or tight you keep them. Harder bushings result in stiffer turns. Depending on the style of ride one enjoys, skateboarders choose different durometer for the top and bottom bushings.


Skateboard bushing shape and style

Next thing that plays an important role in the performance of bushings is its shape and style. To enhance the riding experience of skateboarders, various shapes of bushings are experimented with. Some of these bushings are symmetrical between top and bottom but in various other examples, top and bottom bushing feature different shapes.
There are three basic shapes available for skateboard bushings.

  • Conical
  • Barrel
  • Eliminator

The way these bushing shapes are combined together provides various styles of bushings. Here are some basic bushing styles available in the market:

Cone/Barrel Bushings

Also known as, standard or conventional bushings, cone/barrel bushings are most commonly used shapes because of their high degree of versatility. The bottom bushing is barrel shaped while top one is conical. Bottom one being barrel shaped make it securely fitted into bushing seat while conical shaped top bushing by creating a deck lean, make carving a lot easier. Many skateboarders mount harder durometer bushing on the bottom to enhance the capabilities of standard barrel bushings.

Double Barrel Bushings

In this type, top and bottom bushings are identical in shape, i.e. barrel shaped. They are also known as downhill bushings as they provide superior stability at high speed. This characteristic of double barrel bushings makes it a good choice for downhill skateboarders. They do not facilitate turning as much as the conical bushings do but that can be arranged by using softer durometer.

Cone Bushings

In these kinds of bushings, two conical shaped bushings are used. This feature allows the skateboarders to enjoy high degree of deck lean. For this feature, they are also known as super carve bushings. They are used for taking sharp turns and carving.

Double Stepped Bushings

Double stepped bushings resembles barrel shaped. The only difference is that they have indents cut out the top and bottom. They are also called step-barrel. This design creates a lot of lean resistance but also adds a lot of rebound. And even if you are using softer durometer, they form very tight trucks.

Components related to skateboard bushings


Bushing Washers

Bushing washers are round metal washers that are mounted under bushings of skateboard, on each truck. They have simple installation process. All you have to do is to simply slide them on the kingpin. Bushing washers prevent the bushings from deforming due to pressure exerted on the trucks by the riders. Four washers are provided with every purchase of a skateboard. Most skateboards come with washers having same size, however; various manufacturers provide two smaller size washers for the top bushing and two larger ones for the bottom bushing.

Shape of the bushing washers may be flat or a little bit cupped at the edges. Skateboards with flat washers allow the bushings to perform more lateral slide and also let them to stretch more. While cupped washers restrict bushing movement, which ensure that higher resistance. A point to be noted here is that the shape of the washers you choose should match up with that of the bushings in your skateboard trucks for the proper functioning of your skateboard. Moreover, soft bushings should not be paired with cupped bushings washers as the edge can damage the bushings by cutting through them.


Bushing Seats

Bushing seat is an indented spot around the hanger opening where bushing is inserted. The kingpin fits through the opening and bushing are then fitted around the kingpin. Bushing seats are there to support the bushings and prevent them from compressing too much due to the weight of the rider.

Bushing seats come in two main categories; open and restrictive. Restrictive bushing seats are closed and features taller walls to secure the bushing fitted into them. While open bushing seats are not as deep as normal bushings. This feature of open bushing seat helps it to exert less pressure and create less resistance. No matter which bushing seat type you choose, the most important thing to note is that your seats should match the bushings you are using. It is really your personal discretion that how tight your bushing seats should be. It depends basically on your skateboarding style.

Top four Best Skateboard Bushing

BONES™ Wheels HardCore Bushings

BONES™ Wheels HardCore Bushings
The Hardcore added to the center of BONES bushings hold together the two sides of each busing. Although, it looks like a normal busing, but the chemical bond between the HardCore and the cushion prevent the busing from being squeezed out the other side. It increases the resistance to turning as it is held in place by the HardCore insert.

BONES quality bushings help you make smoothturns, which are not floppy or rigid. They are compatible with most trucks available in the market. It provides maximum stability and can assist you in performing various tricks and riding at high speed.


  • There is no break-in period when you use BONES™ and you can just put them in and start skating.
  • Your skating skills will improve, as your trucks will be more responsive.
  • They provide great stability especially while performing tricks like Ollie.


  • They are not very durable.

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Orangatang Nipples Skateboard Truck Bushings

Orangatang Nipples Skateboard Truck Bushings
Orangatang Nipples Skateboard Truck Bushings are designed and built to assist you in bouncing out of any carve with full energy and lively rebound. Orangatang bushings feature slightly wider and taller bushings as compared to other bushings available in the market. Nipples, having this feature provide your trucks with more support making it optimum ride.

It is made of Randyurethane, which offers high rebound and energetic quality to it. You will feel the energy while riding your skateboard. It comes with two tall bottom bushings and two shorter top bushings along with four thin but strong flat washers. Its durometer is soft to assist you with tight turns and maximize its response for better performance. They are perfect partners to be used with Paris, Tracker Fastracks and Randals to name a few. Its bright orange colour already gives it a lively persona and once you use them, you will enjoy an exhilarating ride as well.


  • It is featured wider and taller characteristics give you more supportive trucks that offers you very responsive ride.
  • Randy Urethane used in its manufacturing makes it highly rebounding and energetic.
  • Its soft durometer helps you with tight turns and increase its responsiveness.


  • It cannot be used with every truck in the market.

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Bones Hardcore 4pc Medium White/Yellow Bushings

Bones Hardcore 4pc Medium White/Yellow Bushings
Bones Hardcore Bushings provides your trucks with features of flexibility and adaptability, increasing its dexterity. Made with high-quality materials, they provide you excellent quality of dexterity. Just like other bushings, it comes with two bushings for each truck, top bushings being springy to help in taking easy turns while smaller bushing beneath the kingpin which can be tightened or loosened easily, giving you ease of use to adjust it according to your personal style.

For mastering tricks, tighter trucks are ideal and for carving down the street, you may like to loosen them a bit. Bones Wheels Hardcore 91A Skateboard Bushings gives you ideal riding experience every time you step on it.


  • They keep your skateboard trucks flexible and adaptable to varying conditions of streets.
  • They make carving easier. They offer improved rebound.


  • They need to be changed frequently.

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Bones Hardcore 4pc Hard Black Bushings Skateboard Bushings

Bones Hardcore 4pc Hard Black Bushings Skateboard Bushings
Bones Hardcore 4pc Hard Black Skateboard bushings having hardness of 96A with double cone shape and high rebound, is an ideal partner for your trucks. These bushings are built and designed to complement your riding style and enhance your riding experience along with it.

While taking turns on your skateboard, you will feel a stark difference between your older bushings and these ones; they will be smoother and easier to take. You will not feel any rigidity during your carvings round the corner in the street. You will find your trucks more responsive than any other bushings you have been using in the past.


  • They are highly responsive bushings.
  • They do not cause any delay due to break-in period.
  • They offer you a better riding experience due to its quality and durability.


  • These bushings are a little harder for a tight truck.

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Bushings are important components of your skateboard and just like its other parts; it will need time-to-time tune up and in some cases, timely replacement. Depending upon the bushing you are using, the frequency of replacement differs from one kind of bushings to another. Make sure that the washers you are using match the bushings for best results and riding experience. These are little maintenance tips that will help you with the upkeep of your skateboard for the longevity of the life of its components in general and bushings in particular.

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