Best Skateboard Shoes

Best Skateboard ShoesSkateboarding is one of those sports which can be easily enjoyed with those amazing and special shoes. Skateboarding cannot be enjoyed with bare legs. We have to wear skateboard shoes or skate shoes which are especially manufactured and designed for this skateboarding.

Skateboarding shoes has a very unique feature which is it helps to minimize injuries in one’s feet. And this shoe allows the players to higher control over the board. This skate shoes gives an excellent sturdiness also.
There have been a plenty of designing ideas and lot of features which have been added. To get extra durability strong double or triple stitching in the connection areas is added. Also rough material is used to manufacture the upper area of the shoes. In most of the cases a flat polyurethane or rubber sole is used.

Best Skateboard Shoes

Stress injuries on the underside on one’s arch, ankle, and the heel are one of the worst impacts about this skateboarding. When the individual wear the skate shoes, it makes the player to play better and it gives a great confidence as well. Fashion is ruling the world now. So, while playing the skateboard, the players want the shoes to be well trendy and fashionable. Such attracting skate shoes helps in staying fashionable and safe at the same time.
Not only fashionable but it also needs to be strong long lasting tough and sturdy to play well. The entire brand has its own style, designs, and advantages and so on. Now, let us see about the material used to make the skate shoes and especially the upper layer that holds the foot to the sole.

Best Skateboard Shoes

Its all about the individual wish but the main thing is canvas which is little lighter and easy as well as flexible when compared to suede or leather. But leather is more durable and grip will be much better on the board. The upper one is the first part to be looked after on the shoes. Canvas is heavy and ripped when suede can be wear out in layers.

Skate shoes are the major thing which the particular sport player has to keep in mind. So we recommend them to try more styles and then get to know which suits and choose it for the sport.
If we want to go faster than running, then we should learn skating. It gives plenty of health benefit. We can learn skating from childhood so that we can learn quickly. There are roller skating, Ice skating, speed skating and so on. Learning skating is an art. We need a most comfortable shoe to do skate boarding. Let us see about the selection of skate shoes.

How to select the good skate shoes

Best Skateboard Shoes

When we play the skateboard, we need a good pair of skate shoes to play the sport. Shoe should be really convenient and flexible. It should not make us uncomfortable. If it is not comfortable then it will spoil the sport completely. We should choose a right and correct shoes to give a good play. So many brands are available in market. We should see which one will be perfect for us.

  • Ollie is the trick which is performed by tapping the tail of the skateboard towards the ground. This can also be done add a spin before the jump (kickflip). We can tap the nose on the ground and it should spin.
  • All the four wheel of the skateboard are performed by the aerials towards the ground. It needs more support on the sole of the foot and the heel to land the aerials.
  • Next trick can be done by the grind. Axles of the skateboard can be scraped on curb, railing or other surface. Skate shoes should be flexible and it needs lot of control over the board.
  • It can be finding with the slides. Against the ledge, nose slide can be performed by sliding the underside of the nose. Opposite is the tail slide.

Styles in the market

Styles in the market

There are two main kinds of skate shoes. One has a heavy dense against the impact of aerials and the other side it need to have a control of board like grinds.

Vulcanized shoes are look like the casual shoes and it is good slim featured. It will be light weight, thin and very flexible. These shoes are not more cushioned. It won’t be much spongy. It may lead to bruise own heels.

Some skateboard players wish to do high jump from a good amount of distances. In that case, they need more cushioned shoes to jump from long distance. Cup soles are the shoes which have thicker sole and more cushioned.

About Cushioning

About Cushioning

Light weight EVA foam has been used in the midsole for many of skate shoes. This helps when impact the foot or board hits the concrete.

Dual heel cushioning is also available in some skate shoes. Some vulcanized shoes has extra layer which will be thin soles.

Heel collar is available for the added stability around the heel and it helps no to slip during skateboarding.

Durability of Skate Shoes

Durability of Skate Shoes

Skate shoes have to tuck the lace loops between the outer lip and the tuck of the shoe. Laces can be prevented with lace guards which stops chewing up the laces.

Wear and tear can be prevented by upper layer of the skate shoes with the constant contact of the grips. Triple stitches are given for some skate shoes for more durability.

Between the skater and the board, the outer sole is the typical contact. Gum rubber grips is been used for the lasts longer than the other material of rubber.

Brands of Skate Shoes

Emerica, Fallen, Circa, Duffs, Dekline and Etines are most moving brands in skate shoes.

Vans, Adio, Globe, DC, Nike, Lakai and DVS provide good grip, wear and the flexibility.

Most stylish skate shoe is Osiris but it’s not stable product.

Picking Skate Shoes

Picking Skate Shoes

Casual style sneakers resemble skate shoes and it is very expensive.

We can get casual sneaker which resembles skate shoes for lower price.

Casual shoes will be really comfortable but it cannot be used for skating actually.

Vulcanized shoes will be flexible and tricks like ollies, grinds and slides are available.

Jumping for higher distance can be done with cupsoles which protects the foot impacts.

Skate shoes should save us from foot injury while landing. Those right skate shoes should be chosen.

WE should go for a correct size if not it won’t be comfortable and this discomfort will not make to play the sport well.

We can try more sizes in many brands.

If we are not a regular skater, then we can go with cheaper shoe.

Amazing Tricks and Tips

We can check with the experienced skater in case we know any.

We can ask the trainer and get to know what can be bought.

In some shoes we can take out the sole and wear under the lace and it is removable sole. Some shoes have this feature.

We can trick the skate shoes by doing duck tape in case the wearing shoe out very fast.

The risk factor of doing duct tape is it may affect the other part of the shoes.

It may last long.

A great ease and comfort will be happened with right skate shoes. It can be little expensive but really it worth our money.

Best Skateboard Shoes Review

Globe Fusion Skate Shoes Black

Freeride Slide Gloves Version

The inner lining of the shoe will be good comfortable and it is designed to protect from wear and tear. It gives good braking when we sport. Globle shoes specialty is glue that gives more durability. It is a famous brand. Many skaters are buying this expensive brand because they think it worth the money.

Ample colors are available in Globle brand. It gives us a very safe and comfortable feel. It sucks the foot, so we will not have the fear of moving out shoes from our feet.

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DC Mens Skate Black Pirate

DC Mens Skate Black Pirate

A great comfort lining is given around the ankles, feet, shoe soles, pads for the ease mobility in DC Men’s shoes.

DC Men’s shoe gives a feel of footing in the soft grass with the right sizes of the feet. It is made up of very soft material and a light weight product.

It is also one of famous brand and the durability is highly depending upon the skater. We cannot ignore this brand, because it has more luxurious excellent colors and very fashionable product.

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DC Court Graffik Skate Black

Andux Land Slide Glove

When we do tough skateboarding, we can prefer this awesome brand. It is good comfortable and made of the elastic rubber and inbuilt with force bearing. It is a light weight brand.

It reduces the friction wear to minimum and it is highly resistant.

It gives last long stability because the shoe soles, shoe lace are all being tightly knit combination. So, it will be strong while skate boarding.

This brand has a special feature called ventilation holes which helps to stay away for odor and it make the body to ventilate. It is really good for our health.

It provides a great feel of comfort while skate boarding.

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Adidas Originals Adi Ease Skate Black

Adidas Originals Adi Ease Skate Black

Adidas is well known brand because it has eye catching designs. Young souls usually prefer Adidas.

It is designed in a way to provide good strength in flexibility and the duration of the skate shoe.

I recommend this brand because I had used it air vents is the major thing which I like in this brand. The rubber layer is the highest level of adhesion and wear resistance. It can be used for daily jogging and it gives health benefit too.

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Vans SK8 Hi Canvas Skate Dress

Vans SK8 Hi Canvas Skate Dress

This brand has got good rating. Reviewers gave good staring for this brand.

It has unisex style shoes with smooth ankle pads, the layer of the shoe helps preventing the ankle and supports the jeans and it is packed in wonderful box. This brand costs lesser in price while compared to any other brand. The beginners can use this brand to learn.

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