2017 Bustin Gear Guide: Five-O Classics

With Thanksgiving arriving tomorrow, we began pondering what we were thankful for and the very first thing we thought of was how thankful for Five-0 thane we are. In that vein of thought, for this installment of the 2017 Bustin Gear Guide, Joshtafari spent his afternoon on a quality control field trip at some of his rootsy neighborhood spots deep in North Cackalack. Join him to learn about some of the most versatile freeride wheels on the market which maintain a high performance no matter what surface you kick them slideways on!

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-64mm Diameter

-35mm Contact Patch

-80a Durometer

-Made in USA

-Centerset core

-“Dump Thane” Formula

-Stone Ground Finish


Bustin Boards 2017 Gear Guide: Bamboo-X Shrike

Today we are going to break down perhaps one of the most versatile and functional skateboards in our line up: The Shrike. This board has been incredibly well received by all the various disciplines and communities around the world and we are stoked to offer such a Skate Everything machine.

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-Length: 38.25″

-Width: 9.25″

-Wheelbase: 22″-25″

-Progressive Concave

-Rocker bolts to bolts


Bustin X Black Mamba Demo

This past weekend a couple member of #TeamBustin mobbed up to Syracuse to hang out with our main man Jacsen and skate some of his home town spots.
After seeing the town, we rallied over to Black Mamba Skate Park and sessioned with the locals all afternoon at one of the premier indoor skateparks in the area.

A huge thanks goes out to Marc Kutik, Scott and Johanna from Black Mamba, as well as all the locals who came out to shred with us! See y’all again soon!

Also be sure to check out the edit put out by Black Mamba of the Team shredding the park as well!