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Best Skateboard Knee Pads – Elbow Pads

In every sport, there is always an injury risk as you are getting excel in it so you have to make several tries. Same happens with the skating, you might let your kids learn the sport but your concern for their health and safety remains the same. In this matter, skateboard knee – elbow pads are a great help for you to provide your kids sports safety. You can have the safety pads for kids and even for you but selecting the right and best skateboard knee – elbow pads is the wise decision you can make.

Top 5 best Skateboard Knee Pads – Elbow Pads on Amazon

How to Choose the Right Skateboard Knee Pads – Elbow Pads

While jumping into skating you have to take care of the protective gear that you need to have a safe sport. Other than a good helmet you need to have the right skateboard knee – elbow pads that give you a good cushion in case of any crash. Most importantly when you are improving your skills and getting better, you have to try something new and that involves a risk. The perfect and safe knee and elbow pads can actually help you to be free and try out these new moves easily.

For skateboarding, you have to make sure that you are going to select the hard shell pads that give you support and protection even in the worst conditions. The quality, comfort and material of the padding matter a lot and you do need to focus on these features. Make sure that you are going to invest in the right product that will give you a long-term benefit. Here are some effective guidelines that can help you to make the right selection of the padding for skating.

Choosing the Thickness of Skateboard Knee and Elbow Pads

When it comes to the best skateboard knee pads – elbow pads, thickness comes in first. The thicker is the best when it is for your protection. The pads have soft EVA foam with an outer hard plastic cover that enhances the safety and offers more protection. Although thicker pads are good they can add on more weight and restrict your moves in general that you need to count yourself.

Choosing the Shape of Skateboard Knee – Elbow Pads

When it comes to the shape of the skateboard knee – elbow pads then all of them are pretty much same. Conventionally you cannot distinguish between the knee or elbow pads as they are same in shape and give the same cover. However you can have them in different sizes as per to your need, the only difference you will get in the pads is thickness, the foam will be covered with the hard plastic sheet and a sleeve to get it fixed on joint. More the foam in the padding will lead to more weight and restrict your movement but offer you the ultimate protection.


Choosing the Right Size Skateboard Knee Pads

About Skateboard Knee Pads

Majorly the skateboarding involves knee and elbow injury as a result of falls or wipeouts. So, it is necessary to have the best protection against them. Generally, the skateboard knee pads come in a standard size with a flexible fabric to get the pad fixed on the body as per to comfort. The coverage area of the pads is same in all companies but their thickness and quality matters.

Skateboard Knee PadsYou can have the pads in pairs or a complete set of elbow and knee pads of the same shape and quality. Make sure you are going to pick up the best quality with more cushion and hard plastic so your joints will be secure from jerks and damages.

Properly Measuring for Knee Pads

You are available with many of standard sizes in knee pads that help you to get the appropriate one for you. Make sure that you are not going to restrict your movement or have an uncomfortable knee pad for skateboarding. In this regard, make sure to have a proper measurement before getting the pad set for use.

To have the accurate measurement you can follow two easy steps:

  • Measure your knee with the measuring tape from three positions A – above the knee, B – Below the knee and C – on the knee.
  • You have these measurements and now you can match your readings with the given chart and select the ideal size for you.

Right Size Skateboard Knee Pads


Choose the Right Size Skateboard Elbow Pads

About Skateboard Elbow Pads

The skateboard elbow pads are not much different from the knee pads. These are specifically designed for the elbows to provide a great support and protection to the arm and elbows. The pads are made of foam covered with the hard plastic cups and stretchable sleeve to get it adjusted to the elbow. These are particularly important when you are skating at the ramp or rail. In case of any fall, you can get some swear body damages if you are not having any safety precautions.

Skateboard Elbow PadsYou can get the elbow pads in the sets of two or the combo packs with knee and wrist pads as well. You can get a huge variation in the designs and quality of the pads but make sure to pick up the right and safest option out of all.

Properly measuring for elbow pads

To have free and comfortable movement make sure that elbow knee is not restricting your arm movement. In this regard, it is important to have the best fitting in the pads so you will be focusing on your skating, not on the pads and fittings. In order to get the right fitting elbow pads you can follow the 2 easy steps:

Measure your arm from thee positions with the measuring tape: A – above the elbow, B – below the elbow and C – elbow joint.

After getting the measurements you can match them with the categories in the given chart and pick up the right pads.

Right Size Skateboard Elbow PadsMoreover, you can select the elbow pads with respect to your weight to have a more accurate product with you.

Top 5 best Skateboard Knee Pads – Elbow Pads

JBM Adult/Child Knee Pads Elbow Pads

JBM Adult Child Knee Pads Elbow Pads
JBM offers you the ideal package that offers you the maximum skating protection. The package includes the knee and elbow pads set with the wrist guard to let you have a complete safety. You can actually have the best preparation on your side to avoid any of the possible injuries. The pads are designed according to your comfort with the best soft EVA foam material that is covered with the robust plastic plates moreover every pad is fitted with Velcro closure and variable elastic straps to give the pads a correct fit to the body.


  • Comfortable
  • Good with adjustment
  • Inexpensive
  • Perfect fit for the body
  • Good for kid and adults


  • knee pads are larger than average

Buy it on

JBM BMX Bike Knee Pads and Elbow Pads

JBM BMX Bike Knee Pads and Elbow Pads
The next big option you have on the list is also from the JBM that comes with the exceptional features and quality to give you next level safety. These are manufactured with a perfect combination or sturdy and durability and equipped with breathable polyester sleeves to give you best sporting experience. The adjustable and no-slip straps let each pad to be fixed in place with the ideal body protection. This package is ideal for the adults who are more aggressively involved in such sports with a specific focus as compared to kids.


  • Ideal fitting
  • High-quality material
  • Good for adults
  • Breathable material
  • Perfect soft cushion and hard protective shell


  • Carry some size measurement issues
  • Needed a size guide revision

Buy it on

Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers/Kneesavers/Elbowsavers

Triple 8 Saver Series
Here comes one of the high-quality products on the list that offers you the ultimate protection from all possible injuries during skating. This can be you perfect safety set that lets you move comfortably with the right size. Each pad comes with the durable fabric that can be adjusted easily and EVA foam to provide best cushion and safety. The polycarbonate caps offers the ultimate cover from the hard-hitting surfaces and reduce the swear injuries. Even the wrist guards offer the amazing resistance with ABS splints.


  • Perfect fit
  • Ultimately durable
  • Durable and comfortable material
  • Perfect for crucial safety needs


  • Just ideal for kids
  • Too much in weight that restricts movement

Buy it on

Mongoose BMX Bike Gel Knee and Elbow Pad Set

Mongoose BMX Bike Gel Knee and Elbow Pad Set
The package come for adults and kids while for the kids it is one of the comfortable options as a whole. It is perfectly fitted and offers utility in movements along with protection. The soft internal padding and tough shells make them sturdy enough to give you protection and look together. Overall the package is fairly priced and you get something good for a reasonable amount.


  • Shock gel add safety
  • Best for training


  • Can be bulky sometimes

Buy it on

JBM Children Cycling Roller Skating Knee Elbow Pads

JBM Children Cycling Roller
The pad set is specifically designed for kids to offer them amazing safety and protection while skating. This helps them to have the best knees, elbow and wrists secured in the result of any hard-hitting. The pads are made of a blend of sponge, plastic and nylon that equipping the pads more sturdy and safe. This is the ideal setting for the extreme sports like roller and ice skating.


  • Good for kids
  • Best safety in extreme sport
  • Sturdy and fairly priced


  • Closure design seems difficult with putting them on and off

Buy it on

For more information, you can click on the link and have more of the best skateboard knee pads – elbow pads options.
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The best skateboard knee pads – elbow pads are important for you to have with you. They let you be safe when experiencing the ultimate sport and learn more about the skills. Make sure that you are going to pick up the high quality, long life and safety pads that bring strength to your skills.

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Best Skateboard Shoes

Best Skateboard ShoesSkateboarding is one of those sports which can be easily enjoyed with those amazing and special shoes. Skateboarding cannot be enjoyed with bare legs. We have to wear skateboard shoes or skate shoes which are especially manufactured and designed for this skateboarding.

Skateboarding shoes has a very unique feature which is it helps to minimize injuries in one’s feet. And this shoe allows the players to higher control over the board. This skate shoes gives an excellent sturdiness also.
There have been a plenty of designing ideas and lot of features which have been added. To get extra durability strong double or triple stitching in the connection areas is added. Also rough material is used to manufacture the upper area of the shoes. In most of the cases a flat polyurethane or rubber sole is used.

Best Skateboard Shoes

Stress injuries on the underside on one’s arch, ankle, and the heel are one of the worst impacts about this skateboarding. When the individual wear the skate shoes, it makes the player to play better and it gives a great confidence as well. Fashion is ruling the world now. So, while playing the skateboard, the players want the shoes to be well trendy and fashionable. Such attracting skate shoes helps in staying fashionable and safe at the same time.
Not only fashionable but it also needs to be strong long lasting tough and sturdy to play well. The entire brand has its own style, designs, and advantages and so on. Now, let us see about the material used to make the skate shoes and especially the upper layer that holds the foot to the sole.

Best Skateboard Shoes

Its all about the individual wish but the main thing is canvas which is little lighter and easy as well as flexible when compared to suede or leather. But leather is more durable and grip will be much better on the board. The upper one is the first part to be looked after on the shoes. Canvas is heavy and ripped when suede can be wear out in layers.

Skate shoes are the major thing which the particular sport player has to keep in mind. So we recommend them to try more styles and then get to know which suits and choose it for the sport.
If we want to go faster than running, then we should learn skating. It gives plenty of health benefit. We can learn skating from childhood so that we can learn quickly. There are roller skating, Ice skating, speed skating and so on. Learning skating is an art. We need a most comfortable shoe to do skate boarding. Let us see about the selection of skate shoes.

How to select the good skate shoes

Best Skateboard Shoes

When we play the skateboard, we need a good pair of skate shoes to play the sport. Shoe should be really convenient and flexible. It should not make us uncomfortable. If it is not comfortable then it will spoil the sport completely. We should choose a right and correct shoes to give a good play. So many brands are available in market. We should see which one will be perfect for us.

  • Ollie is the trick which is performed by tapping the tail of the skateboard towards the ground. This can also be done add a spin before the jump (kickflip). We can tap the nose on the ground and it should spin.
  • All the four wheel of the skateboard are performed by the aerials towards the ground. It needs more support on the sole of the foot and the heel to land the aerials.
  • Next trick can be done by the grind. Axles of the skateboard can be scraped on curb, railing or other surface. Skate shoes should be flexible and it needs lot of control over the board.
  • It can be finding with the slides. Against the ledge, nose slide can be performed by sliding the underside of the nose. Opposite is the tail slide.

Styles in the market

Styles in the market

There are two main kinds of skate shoes. One has a heavy dense against the impact of aerials and the other side it need to have a control of board like grinds.

Vulcanized shoes are look like the casual shoes and it is good slim featured. It will be light weight, thin and very flexible. These shoes are not more cushioned. It won’t be much spongy. It may lead to bruise own heels.

Some skateboard players wish to do high jump from a good amount of distances. In that case, they need more cushioned shoes to jump from long distance. Cup soles are the shoes which have thicker sole and more cushioned.

About Cushioning

About Cushioning

Light weight EVA foam has been used in the midsole for many of skate shoes. This helps when impact the foot or board hits the concrete.

Dual heel cushioning is also available in some skate shoes. Some vulcanized shoes has extra layer which will be thin soles.

Heel collar is available for the added stability around the heel and it helps no to slip during skateboarding.

Durability of Skate Shoes

Durability of Skate Shoes

Skate shoes have to tuck the lace loops between the outer lip and the tuck of the shoe. Laces can be prevented with lace guards which stops chewing up the laces.

Wear and tear can be prevented by upper layer of the skate shoes with the constant contact of the grips. Triple stitches are given for some skate shoes for more durability.

Between the skater and the board, the outer sole is the typical contact. Gum rubber grips is been used for the lasts longer than the other material of rubber.

Brands of Skate Shoes

Emerica, Fallen, Circa, Duffs, Dekline and Etines are most moving brands in skate shoes.

Vans, Adio, Globe, DC, Nike, Lakai and DVS provide good grip, wear and the flexibility.

Most stylish skate shoe is Osiris but it’s not stable product.

Picking Skate Shoes

Picking Skate Shoes

Casual style sneakers resemble skate shoes and it is very expensive.

We can get casual sneaker which resembles skate shoes for lower price.

Casual shoes will be really comfortable but it cannot be used for skating actually.

Vulcanized shoes will be flexible and tricks like ollies, grinds and slides are available.

Jumping for higher distance can be done with cupsoles which protects the foot impacts.

Skate shoes should save us from foot injury while landing. Those right skate shoes should be chosen.

WE should go for a correct size if not it won’t be comfortable and this discomfort will not make to play the sport well.

We can try more sizes in many brands.

If we are not a regular skater, then we can go with cheaper shoe.

Amazing Tricks and Tips

We can check with the experienced skater in case we know any.

We can ask the trainer and get to know what can be bought.

In some shoes we can take out the sole and wear under the lace and it is removable sole. Some shoes have this feature.

We can trick the skate shoes by doing duck tape in case the wearing shoe out very fast.

The risk factor of doing duct tape is it may affect the other part of the shoes.

It may last long.

A great ease and comfort will be happened with right skate shoes. It can be little expensive but really it worth our money.

Best Skateboard Shoes Review

Globe Fusion Skate Shoes Black

Freeride Slide Gloves Version

The inner lining of the shoe will be good comfortable and it is designed to protect from wear and tear. It gives good braking when we sport. Globle shoes specialty is glue that gives more durability. It is a famous brand. Many skaters are buying this expensive brand because they think it worth the money.

Ample colors are available in Globle brand. It gives us a very safe and comfortable feel. It sucks the foot, so we will not have the fear of moving out shoes from our feet.

Buy it on

DC Mens Skate Black Pirate

DC Mens Skate Black Pirate

A great comfort lining is given around the ankles, feet, shoe soles, pads for the ease mobility in DC Men’s shoes.

DC Men’s shoe gives a feel of footing in the soft grass with the right sizes of the feet. It is made up of very soft material and a light weight product.

It is also one of famous brand and the durability is highly depending upon the skater. We cannot ignore this brand, because it has more luxurious excellent colors and very fashionable product.

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DC Court Graffik Skate Black

Andux Land Slide Glove

When we do tough skateboarding, we can prefer this awesome brand. It is good comfortable and made of the elastic rubber and inbuilt with force bearing. It is a light weight brand.

It reduces the friction wear to minimum and it is highly resistant.

It gives last long stability because the shoe soles, shoe lace are all being tightly knit combination. So, it will be strong while skate boarding.

This brand has a special feature called ventilation holes which helps to stay away for odor and it make the body to ventilate. It is really good for our health.

It provides a great feel of comfort while skate boarding.

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Adidas Originals Adi Ease Skate Black

Adidas Originals Adi Ease Skate Black

Adidas is well known brand because it has eye catching designs. Young souls usually prefer Adidas.

It is designed in a way to provide good strength in flexibility and the duration of the skate shoe.

I recommend this brand because I had used it air vents is the major thing which I like in this brand. The rubber layer is the highest level of adhesion and wear resistance. It can be used for daily jogging and it gives health benefit too.

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Vans SK8 Hi Canvas Skate Dress

Vans SK8 Hi Canvas Skate Dress

This brand has got good rating. Reviewers gave good staring for this brand.

It has unisex style shoes with smooth ankle pads, the layer of the shoe helps preventing the ankle and supports the jeans and it is packed in wonderful box. This brand costs lesser in price while compared to any other brand. The beginners can use this brand to learn.

Buy it on

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Vert Skateboarding Basics

The skateboarding ramps having two long half pipes are called as verts. Just like the X Games, you will find these Verts. As the ramps are vertical, they are, in short, called as ‘verts’. If you ride on an overt ramp, it will be a great fun for you.

However, the first thing for that is to learn the art of skateboarding. When you are done with the different tricks of the same, then finding the vert ramp is the next work in hand for you.

Finding a Vert Ramp near You

Finding the vert ramp is not as easy as it seems at the very outset. A few steps should be followed if you wish to do that. Starting off process would be best in a skateboarding shop. Most of the times, they are the ones who can guide you the best. But in case they fail to do so, you will have the following options.

Concrete Disciples: They are the ones who have been making the lists of the skateboarding locations for a long while. From them all the information regarding the right parks and locations for the verts can be taken. Using a filter you can find the right vert near your location and then go for it.

Free Skate Parks: This is another website which you can follow for finding the vert ramps. There also you can find a long list of the skateboarding parks enlisted.

Finding a Vert Ramp near YouYou can positively hope that will these options at your hand, you will surely be able to find the vert ramp that is nearest to you. However, you may have to drive there and pay for the park tickets. This is the thing that can happen.

Vert Ramp Protective Gear

  • Knee Pads
  • Helmet
  • Wrist Guards
  • Elbow Pads

If you are riding on the street, then the Helmet only is enough. But when you are skateboarding on the vert, then it is another story. In here, your speed will be quite high and so, in case you fall, then you can be hurt pretty badly.

The knee and elbow pads, therefore, are essential in every way. Also the wrist guards can work as additional supports. Don’t think that your look will be that of an amateur.

Vert Ramp Protective GearMost of the individuals who skateboard on the vert ramps choose to wear all of these. However, if you are still not feeling comfortable in this, then you should keep in mind that your ride will be over two slabs of wood that are attached by screws. Now it happens that sometimes, these slabs get loosely attached and the screws stay loose also. Now in case you fall over that crack and over the screws, wouldn’t it be the knee pads, rather than the knee cap that will save you?

Sliding on your Knees on the Vert Ramp

Once the choice regarding the riding gear is set, and so is the skateboard, then you are all set for the vert ramp. Then next part would be quite enjoyable indeed, you will wish to learn how to fall. At the time of vert skateboarding, there are many times that you will have to survive the fall. This is obvious and that is the reason that you will need to learn how you can fall safely.

If you have all of your pads properly set on your body, you will have to let go of the skateboard and find an empty place to fall immediately, a place where no other skateboard rider is using. Now you will have to run up at that part make the jump and then fall with the knee pads in front to take the blow of the fall. You can do that after sliding down the ramp to some extent. When you will do this couple of times, then you will get used to it.

Sliding on your Knees on the Vert RampHowever, there are times, when, performing this will not be easy enough. At other occasions you may fall with your back or head at the falling side. In such cases, protecting that part with your hands is not a nice plan unless you are using the wrist pads. However, saving the body with the hands is the best option that you can always try to do. However, however you try to save yourself, be relaxed and work with the gravity properly so that you land in the middle.

Pumping Up and Down the Vert Ramp

This is the part from where it all goes interesting. You have to take hold of the skateboard and find a part of the ramp that is empty. It is better to visit the ramp at a time when the crowd is less there.

Once you are at the bottom, get on your skateboard and give a push to yourself so that you can go up towards the vert ramp wall. At that time keep your knee bent as at the time your speed will get lesser you can increase it with the pushing out from the knees so that you can reach much higher on the ramp wall.

Pumping Up and Down the Vert RampOnce the speed is enough, you are on the top, then the skateboard will roll back and that at that time, you will have to shift your weight at the opposite side. The push that you will give here will be strong. Focus on the wheels and practice it a couple of times.

By the time you will reach on the other side, you will have the maximum speed. You will have to continue the back and forth practice for a long time so that your body grabs the trick. Then you will get the best idea regarding the process of pumping on the vert ramp.

Once you gain the confidence over the process, you can try for pivoting when you are at the very top of the push. Otherwise you can also roll back fackie. Whatever you choose, do that with a relaxed manner.

Working Up to Dropping In

The drop on the vert ramp happens to be a very tricky task and getting the body ready is very important for that reason. If you do not drop in properly, then there may be chances for serious injuries.

Using smaller ramps at first to drop is a good way to start your practice. At the skate parks also you can start off. Practicing on the mini-ramps, small quarter pipes and smaller wall of skateparks will be the best option. Ramps having a flat and clear area have the best opportunity for skateboarding. You can increase your speed there and keep practicing.

Working Up to Dropping InOnce dropping on those kinds of ramps becomes easy, and then you can venture on the ramps that are comparably bigger in size. It is better not to run in the process and give enough time so that you can be an expert in this part. After a considerable while of practicing in these ramps, the actual vert ramp is your next destination.

Dropping In on Vert Ramps

At the beginning, from the high, the dropping in part will look quite a scary thing, but it is actually not. Once you have the belief that you can do that, you really can.

You have to go up on the top of the ramp and then set the skateboard tail.

After this, when you will see the area ahead of you is clear of the other skaters, relax your body with some deep breathing and put the front foot over the front truck of the skateboard and then be steady and finally, let yourself go.

Dropping In on Vert RampsAt this time do not try to hold yourself back. In case you do so, you will have to face a crash. On the front truck put your weight and get on the ramp. The process is no doubt a little bit scary, but once you will do it, that fear will clear out.

Actually it is the belief that you can do it and that makes your skateboarding on the vert ramp much easier. The moment you gain the confidence that you can do it, you will start getting the fun.

After you increase the speed on the ramp, you can also make the shifting of your weights the same way you can at the time of pumping up on the ramp. Putting the weight on the foot is the best option in this case. Therefore, after speeding up, you will have to keep the weight over the front foot. Leaning on it is the best idea. Then again, when you are speeding up on the other side, shift the body weight to the back foot and ride back on the other side. This way, through the weight shifting to the two legs, you can do the back and forth.

Vert Ramps – Get Out and Ride

When you are through all these process, you can do the rest quite comfortably. This is the essence of comfort that you should have positively.

Vert Ramps Get Out and RideTaking guidance from the other skaters on the ramp is also quite suggestible. The usage free ramps have the most skaters. So there you will have a lot of persons to ask for more guidance.


Once you get a hang of learning the process to ride on the ramp, you will be starting to learn the different tricks such as Fakie, Rock, Axle Stall, Rock and Roll and so on. Once you are ready, relax and have all these fun.

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How to Replace Skateboard Bushings


Get Ready

Don’t know what the skateboard bushings are? They are the rings of rubbery nature that can be found inside the truck. Along with time they also face the wear and tear problems and at that time, the spring gets lost.

In that case, the truck board stops turning to both directions and turns only to a single side. This is the kind of loss of performance that you cannot go on with. Much before the wearing off part, these bushings should be replaced. This is the good part. You can now very easily make the replacement of these bushings.

Removal of the skateboard truck happens to be essential before the skateboard bushing replacement. It is not that you have to do that, but the process makes the steps easier.

When all are set, check the tools you have once and then get on the work.

Get Ready


Tools, and What’s the Kingpin?

The skate tool happens to be the best one when it comes to the replacement of the skateboard bushing. Otherwise, a perfect alternative to that tool would be the general socket wrench. Get one of that which is matching to the head of the truck’s kingpin (in most of the cases, hexagonal head kingpin is used).

Don’t have any idea regarding what kingpin actually means? Kingpin is the big bolt running through the skateboard truck center. (You can look at the photograph; the red line there shows where the kingpin would be. The end and nut of this kingpin should match with the wrench that you will use.

In some cases, the style is different and the selection of the tools has to be done likewise. In most cases, you will find similar trucks. But there are exceptions also, such as the Grindking trucks. For those kinds of trucks you will need the hex wrench. The good thing is that in case of the Grindking kingpins also, the rules are the same and so you will find the same instructions properly working.

As the regular bolt is used is all of the kingpins, using skate tools is the easiest option. So at the time you will ready the trucks, the tools have to be ready for rip the trucks properly apart.

Tools Skateboard


Disassembling your Skateboard Trucks

This is the time you have to disassemble the trucks of your skateboard. Removing the nut happens to be the first thing that you will have to do. Also called as the “Jesus nut” by some, this nut is the one holding the entire truck. Once you open the nut, you will disassemble the other parts of the trucks, first the washer, then the other parts. But be mindful, these parts are small and so easy to lose. Keep them properly.


Taking Apart the Skateboard Trucks

Keep the process of disassembling going on and keep the parts in a safe place, may be in a box so that you don’t lose them end of the day. While this process goes on, you will also open the hanger that holds the truck by its axles. Taking off this part might be a little difficult since it stays tightly attached. For this one, you will have to pull it from the sockets and move it upwards from the kingpin. As this one will be off, you will be able to pull off the other parts of the truck quite easily.

Taking Apart the Skateboard Trucks


Cleaning and Replacing Parts from your Skateboard Trucks and Bushings

The above photo shows how the properly disassembled pieces will look. Once the process is done, then you will have to concentrate on the bushing. Have a look at the formation that it has. It does not matter if you finally decide to change the bushing or not.

Cleaning each part of the truck is essential. Also the kingpin should be taken out of the base plate and cleaned also. This is the time; you can make the replacement of any of the parts. When you are using a new bushing there, the old one should be discarded. After this is done, it is the time to assemble the truck once again.

Cleaning and Replacing Parts from your Skateboard


Assembling Skateboard Trucks

This part of re-assembling the truck is not hard at all. All you will have to do is to put the parts one by one on the kingpin. You should keep in mind the order in which the parts were. If you have forgotten, in that case follow the order mentioned below:

  • First the base plate
  • Then the large washer
  • After that the large bushing
  • The Hanger
  • Finally the small bushing
  • One small washer

When you will go through the process, and then be careful enough so that you do not bend or break any part. So do not push any of the parts too hard. However, it is not that the skateboard trucks are very sensitive as they are designed to put up with a lot of pressure. This is the reason that you need to be too worried.
If it happens that you find that the bushings are in perfect form, the using a larger washer is a better promise for a better performance. This is one very effective trick that you can make use of.

Assembling Skateboard Trucks


Tightening Your Skateboard Trucks

When you will set the parts over the kingpin once again, you have to set the nut above and tighten it properly. The tighter you will be able to set the nut, the better the performance of your skateboard will be. With the tighter trucks, the turning does not take place properly until pushed. So at the time of any trick movement, there stays mo chance of any kind of flexing. However, for a proper curving, loose trucks are also required.

Tightening Your Skateboard Trucks


The maintenance process of the skateboard truck is not a very hard deal. All you will need is the right guidance for that. This is what you will be getting from here. Henceforth, they will be no issues with the skateboard truck performance as you will be able to have a proper idea for the truck parts changing from here only.

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