Is Longboarding A Good Exercise?

These days life has become so mechanical that 90% of people have long sitting working hours. They are forced to stick to their cabins, machines, working desks, laptops etc. Then there are vehicles people ride throughout the day, they avoid walking at all. The physical activity is nil which is adding up to the obesity and other problems. Now, what is it that can be fun, exercise and a mode to take people to the places they want to go? One such sport is longboarding.

Good ExerciseIt is a sport but some people take it as a hobby, some take it as time pass and for others, it is an exercise. The longboard used in this type of exercise can be used for skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing with slight variations in its make and features. Longboarding is considered an exercise because it is used for cruising, racing, and stunts, each one of these activities involves physical exercise. People usually get frustrated by doing exercises in a room or standing at one place. Longboarding is an excellent alternative for all such exercises. People enjoy their fun workouts while doing them all on longboards.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Longboarding?

Longboarding basically is a derived sport which has a bit of surfing and a bit of skateboarding in it. Back in 1959, in Hawaii, the commercial skateboards appeared on the scene. Initially, longboarding was also called sideway surfing. Later, the longboard was refined, wheels were added and likewise, other features got introduced and at the end longboarding became a sport and an exercise both for people of all ages. Longboarding has numerous health benefits and in this article, we will try to cover few of them.

The Health Benefits Of Longboarding


Longboarding is an excellent aerobic activity to strengthen cardiovascular muscles. Cardio exercises are usually carried out in a gym and these exercises reduce the risk of getting heart-related diseases. Cardio also improves stamina and increases lung capacity. Longboarding also is a type of cardiovascular exercise in which the quirky, fast movements increase pumping of the heart and blood spreads to every corner of the cell. So, longboarding is a perfect cardio workout.

Strength and Flexibility:

Longboarding is a name of flexibility. One who surfs the boards must keep himself flexible and body should stay limber while longboarding. It’s because, when you are skating body moves from left to right, forward and backward. So, if a person stiffs his muscles, and becomes inflexible it will be harder for him to longboard. Longboarding also demands strength, a physical endurance. Because some people lose control and get tired or frustrated after few minutes. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that longboarding being an exercise improves strength and flexibility in an individual.

Increase the Amount of Energy:

The more effort an individual puts into longboarding, the more energy he gives in will in return improve the stamina and increase the amount of energy in a person himself. The tip is to skate faster to increase the amount of energy your body consumes. Longboarding is a perfect exercise for those who want to lose or maintain weight as vigorous stunts, movements and skating itself can assist in fitness efforts.

Physical Fitness:

Hence, longboarding is the most effective exercise for physical and muscle strength. It is a kind of activity that can be performed on daily basis without time constraint. The set targets help you burn your calorie count daily. It can improve your overall health and reduce the risks of high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity etc. It won’t be wrong to call longboarding a physical fitness exercise.


If you are a beginner it is always better to start exercising on longboard under the supervision of an instructor or a trainer. The hilly area and rough terrains usually are the best to do burnouts as it becomes a bit tough and requires an extra effort to ride on such surfaces. This will help you do your cardio, increase your muscle strength and lose extra calories and double the number of calories burnt in a simple aerobic exercise.

When you are not a pro you need to be extra careful as skateboarding can cause injury, muscle sprains, and bone injuries etc. Though it is an exercise but still it requires a proper care including helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.


We would rate longboarding as a good exercise to stay healthy and fit. But we won’t recommend do it without proper guidance if you are a beginner. Learn the skills first and then move on to harder maneuvers. The health benefits of longboarding are numerous and that’s why it is a great exercise to be performed on regular basis.

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