Best Skateboard Tools

Skateboarding is quite an energetic and refreshing activity that allows teens and adults to be free with their body. This sport isn’t all about fun but also enables youngsters to cover average distances quickly while enjoying a wonderful ride. But, to enjoy skateboarding, it’s essential that your skateboard is well-maintained and properly repaired. To save your time and money, you must choose the best tools from the market to repair the boards fast and better. With the help of best tool reviews, you can do it effortlessly.

Best Skateboard Tools

Skate Tool Features

Skateboard maintenance is much important to enjoy smooth rides and avoid accidents. With best tools, you will be able to repair the skateboard better and faster. Here are some prominent features of skate tool you must consider while purchasing one for you.

Screwdriver Component

The most commonly used screwdriver in skateboard hardware is Phillips head. It is the most popular screw head in all products. A few skateboard companies also use Allen brand’s Hex Key Head screws for their hardware work to stand uniquely in the market and give their customers an option of a more exclusive look. There are many screwdrivers in the market with different type of heads on each side, allowing skaters to repair the board using any type of screw head.

Socket Component

When you buy a new skateboard, you need to put it together first and for that, a few standard socket sizes are required. To tighten the hardware nuts that attach the truck to the deck, you will be using 3/8” socket whereas to keep wheels on the truck’s axle, you will need 1/2” socket. When it comes to tighten or loosen the kingpins for easy turns and stable rides, 9/16” socket is best to use.

Bearing Remover

When we buy skateboards with bearings already installed inside the wheels, we usually don’t consider them unless they become pretty jammed and disturb our rides. Many skaters use axle of the truck to check the bearings but this method is totally prohibited by experts as it can cause damage to the trucks. The simple and better solution is to insert a bearing remover into the wheel and slightly turn it to loosen the bearings.

Truck Axle Re-threader

While attempting skateboard tricks, you fall more often and due to grinding against the pavement, axles of the trucks begin to wear down. If they are excessively damaged, you’ll have trouble in removing old wheels and installing new ones. It’s also possible that axle nut and wheel come off while you’re skating that might lead to serious injuries. To avoid such worst scenarios, you must rethread the truck axle regularly using tools with rethreading head.

Grip tape File

While applying grip tape to the deck, we use a hard flat piece of metal to trace the edges of the gripped deck for a neat and easy cutting. Many people use the edge of knife to cut it but that can be pretty dangerous due to proximity of the blade. There are a few tools in the market that include a grip tape file in their stash and come companies are also making tools solely for filling and cutting the grip tape.


Size is another feature you must consider when it comes to buying and stocking up on skate tools. There are many small pocket tools in the market that you can keep with yourself whenever going for skating. There can be any lose nut or bolt that might cut your session short. There are also big tools that perform heavy repair duties and have advance features like bearing remover and grip tape file. They are great tools to keep in your store room as you cannot carry them anywhere without a backpack.

Best Skateboard Tool Reviews

1. Alouette Skate Tool Set of 2,All-In-One

Available on Amazon, this package encompasses 1xT tool and 1xY tool with a screwdriver included in each tool. This skate tool set has everything required to tighten or loosen the nuts and assemble or repair the parts of the skateboard. It’s an impressive multifunctional, all-in-one skate tool that you can use for any kind of skateboards and longboards. It’s steel-made tool hence pretty durable but lightweight and easily portable.

2. esKape All-In-One Skate Tools

If you are looking for multi-functional, all-in-one skate tool at reasonable prices, this one is pretty good to get. It can be used to repair all sorts of skateboards and longboards. The best thing about this is that it comes with 3/8”, 1/2” and 9/16” sockets hence you won’t need any separate socket after getting this one. It’s a nice pocket sized tool and has a side lock feature that prevent screwdriver form falling.

3. Bones Speed Cream Bearing

If you want to enjoy fast and smooth skating, use this lubricant and let your wheels roll better! It’s a 1/2 oz. speed cream from the Bones Bearings brand and protects your skateboard’s bearings from getting jammed. No matter how old your bearings and wheels are, using this cream will prevent them from locking and freezing. It works great with all types of skate bearings and can be used once in a week to keep wheels in a fine functioning.

4. Bones Bearing Press / Puller

With this tool, Bones Bearings has once again proved that they care for the skaters more than any other skate tool manufacturer. This tool works as a bearing press and a puller. It only works with 8mm bearings and basically designed for 90% skaters who do not use spacers in their wheels. It is used to press the bearings while forcing only the inner race and preventing the shields from getting any dent. It’s much easy to use and comes in a small size to fit in your pocket.

5. Sector 9 The Field Kit

In addition to time and efforts, you also require right tools to keep things in a fine flow. Losing a nut in the middle of a ride or sitting at the top of a hill to change the wheels, you come to know that you left some integral tools back at home and now you have no option than walking back with your broken skateboard in hands. Well, it’s time to change that with this complete Sector 9 Field Kit. It has all essential tools one could require during skateboard trip to hill top or regular rides. From three sized wrenches to screwdrivers and extra bearings to extra risers, it has all you could ask for as a pro skater. This single kit is all you need to deal with skateboard maintenance!


With these tools, you can enhance the performance of your skateboards and enjoy your skating sessions more than ever. Apart from these gears, there are also some more skate tools, you may check here to find something better according to your requirements.


To make anything work properly, its maintenance is much essential. Same is the case with skateboards. From wheels to bearings to trucks, each and every part of the skateboards must be in good condition to keep your rides smooth. That’s only possible through regular tuning and timely repairs by using advance tools. Form pocket gears to big advance tools, stock up on all necessary skate tools to keep your board in perfect working condition.

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Best Longboard Wrist Guards

best-Wrist-GuardsLongboarding is one of the most favorite sports that beloved by all level of age. For the best experience, the wiser skaters always offer to wear protective gear. Longboard Wrist Guards is one of the most important gear that skaters need to have, not only the beginners, but also the professional.

Longboard wrist guards are worn to support and protect the wrists if skater wipeout when skateboarding or longboarding. If you are skating on a difficulty terrain, sure that you are wearing wrist guards to prevent breaking, spraining, or fracturing your wrists. Furthermore, you will need a pair of wrist guard for suddenly stop while doing downhill.

Let’s check out the top best longboard wrist guards below and consider what is the best for you.

Longboarding safe with one of these fantastic Wrist Guards

What Type of Longboard Wrist Guards Do You Need

The requirements of wrist guards are dictated by your longboarding style. The more aggressively you will attempt tricks and do stunts, the more protective wrist guard you will need. If you haven’t used wrist guards before and totally new to this protective gear, here is a complete guide for you about the different types of longboard wrist guards, you might be needing while riding on your board:

Longboard Protective Sliding Gloves

For longboarding, this wrist guard is a must-have! Whether you’re into freestyle, cruising and carving or downhill riding, you do a lot of sliding whenever you get on your board. These gloves are leather fabricated and come with knuckle padding plus hard disk that help you to slide across the street smoothly without losing balance or injuring your hand. With these sliding gloves, you can get low to speed up the ride and live an ultimate longboarding experience!

Longboard Wrist Guard Protective Gloves

This longboarding protective gloves come with shock absorbent foams to prevent wrist injuries. Especially designed for longboarding and skating, these gloves protect fingers, palm, back of your hand and wrist. You will find this wrist guard type pretty comfortable and versatile as it can be used for any sort of riding style. With this protective gear, you can enjoy your speedy rides and thrilling tricks without worrying about injuries.

Standard Longboard Wrist Guards

This is the most common type of wrist guards that is widely used by pros as well as beginners. The design of a standard longboard glove includes splints that curve from your wrist to your palm and back of hand. Due to proper padding and excellent fit, you will find these wrist guards pretty comfortable. The only drawback of this type is that it doesn’t provide protection for fingers like the one we discussed above.

Longboard Wrist Guards, the Anti Glove

This type comes with Kevlar padding and offers complete wrist protection. It’s designed to prevent the extreme bending of wrists while doing tricks and stunts on your longboard. These wrist guards are actually perfect for professionals who prefer lighter wrist care and don’t need protection for fingers and palm. Being beginners, you must not choose this type as you are still learning and might get injuries with less protection.

Longboard Wrist Support Braces

This type of wrist guards is close to the design of standard longboard gloves. Your fingers and palm won’t be covered when wearing these gloves. These are actually good for people with already injured wrists. The design includes firm braces that provide strong support to the broken wrist and preventfurther damage while longboarding. But you can also use it even if your wrist is not damaged. With support brace feature, these gloves will keep your wrist well-protected.

Part 2: How to Choose the Right Wrist Guards

When choosing wrist guards for longboarding, you will need to consider various things such as materials, size and price. Just following your riding style and reading some advices below, you can find your own wrist guards.

When looking for right materials, you first need to determine the levels of flexibility and strength in respect to your longboarding style. For instance, wrist guards that include metal in their manufacturing are more likely to be strong but not much flexible. Whereas plastic material is quite flexible but may allow more deflection during an impact, resulting in wrist damage. Looking at Kevlar padded and brace supported gloves, they offer more support to the wrist than providing protection to it during direct impact. If you’re aggressive and more passionate to participate into drills and tricks, wrist guards with metals structure are perfect for you. But if you are just a cruiser and like to keep it smooth, plastic structured gloves are fine for you.
The second step, let’s find the one fit you by seeing Skateboard wrist guard sizing chart:

Small Medium Large X-Large
Hand Width 5”- 6” 6”-7.5” 7.5”- 9” 9”-11”

Finally, Wrist guards are relatively inexpensive and you can find a good ones ranging from $15 to $60, depending on their specifications. The last thing, most wrist guards are adjustable but it’s better to measure your hand and knuckles to get a solid fit. Do check the size chart before placing your order.

Part 3: Top 5 Best of Wrist Guards Follow

187 Killer Pads Black Wrist Guards

187 Killer Pads Black Wrist Guards187 Killer Pads Black Wrist Guards

Suitable for skateboarding, scooter riding, bicycling, roller skating, and more

If you are looking for a comfortable and durable protective gear for your wrist, check out this 187 wrist guards review and place your orders now! It is a black colored wrist guard that is pretty hard and protects the wrist impressively. With maximum protection, it also offers extreme comfort to the wrist so you may enjoy longboarding at fullest. No matter how hard you fall, this wrist guard is tough enough to handle the falls and enables you to stand up again with the same energy to continue the ride. Looking at rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, this wrist guard is used by a lot of people and they quite love it, this 187 Killers Pads Black wrist guard is a must-try!
Buy it on

Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards

Pro-Tec Street Wrist GuardsPro-Tec Street Wrist Guards

Set of 2 professional quality Youth size wrist guards for action sports

Here comes the best wrist brace for skateboarding to provide promising protection so you may enjoy rides instead of worrying about wrist injuries. When it comes to longboarding, the biggest problem is to stand back on your feet after a hard fall. With this wrist guard, you can beat falling and get back ontrack with even higher energy. Apart from being durable and comfortable, the Street wrist guards are also breathable that make them a perfect longboarding protective gear for summers. Its fit is also quite nice and adjustable. The majority has rated it 5 out of 5 stars due to its fine design and features.
Buy it on

Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers

Triple 8 Saver Series WristsaversTriple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers

Ideal for inline skating, roller derby and all roller sports

With these wristsavers, now you can enjoy thrilling longboarding adventures with protection. These are quite a durable skate gloves with wrist supportand offer snug fit due to the four way stretchable nylon mesh body. They have splints on front and back of the wrist to resist high density impact with sufficient support. The design also includes shock-absorbing EVA foam to further protect your wrist in extreme impacts. In order to enjoy its benefits, you need to ensure the perfect fit. Measure the circumference of your hand to the knuckles and consider size chart to find the suitable sized wristsaver. It has more than 90% people rated it 4 out of 5 stars, so it must be deserved to try.
Buy it on

Triple 8 Hired Hands

Triple 8 Hired HandsTriple 8 Hired Hands

Protection for the most extreme skaters

Manufactured with top-notch leather, the Triple 8 Hired Hands are truly stylish and durable gloves. They are fully padded with shock absorbent foam to protect your wrist in forceful impacts. The design includes thick neoprene support strap that ensures a secure and perfect fit. They come with impact-resistant ABS splints and the top and bottom of these gloves can be easily replaced. It’s one of the most popular protective gear items skaters wear while longboarding. These pro designed wrist guards are truly good for rolling sports to keep your hands and wrists well-protected. It has over 60% rating 5 stars from users and almost all admire this product.
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Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves

Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves

Solid Wrist Support And Protection, Front To Back.

Here comes the most durable wrist guard gloves that are made up of goat skin material and dual stitched with nylon thread to ensure the long lasting usage. Apart from wrist protection, it also provides security to palm with the feature of impact-resistance ABS palm splint. The best thing about these gloves is that you don’t have to take them off to get a stronger grip because they only cover half fingers, leaving half of them uncovered to enjoy a convenient hold on everything. These skateboard wrist guard gloves are perfect to enjoy speedy rides while keeping your wrist protected. It has 53% rating 5 stars from costumers with an average rating of 3.9 out of 5.Meaning, it’s worthy of a try!
Buy it on


If these five top trending wrist guard gloves are not exactly what you’re looking for, check out some more here to find the best one for yourself to enhance your longboarding experience:


Longboarding is an exciting sport but to keep the fun alive, it’s necessary to use protective gears to avoid sever injuries. As there are huge chances of getting your wrist damaged during longboard rides, never get out without wearing a fine wrist guard glove. To choose the wrist guard gloves, you will need to consider different aspects including the size, material and price. Your longboarding style matters a lot when selecting a useful wrist guard glove. Different types of wrist guards have different features and serve in diverse manners. Do check out our list of top 5 wrist guard gloves and enjoy well-protected longboarding!

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Best Grip Tape for Longboard/Skateboard

If you have recently got yourself a new longboard deck, it’s time to look for a perfect grip tape to enjoy a flawless ride. When it comes to pro skating, grip tape is unavoidable as it helps you to stay on the board while maintaining balance. It is one of the essential accessories you need to do some skating tricks or attempt fast cruising. For different skating styles and longboards, there are different types of grip tapes. To become a pro and decent skater, you should have some information about the grip tapes so you may make a right choice when buying one. Here are five grip tapes we’ll discuss in this review to help you upgrade your skating levels.

Things You Should Know

Although grip tapes are necessary for all skaters, attempting styles from freeride to downfall, they are much essential for the ones who are so much into skating tricks and fast cruising. There are different types of grip tapes exit with different textures. From thicker to medium, you can go with any grain type according to your needs. For a standard grip, the medium grain does great.
You may also consider different grip tape designs, colors and cuts by following your preferences. Just keep one thing in mind that for a better skating experience, you need a great grip. You may also go with different shapes but make sure that the area covered by your feet must be layered with a fine grip tape. The size of the deck and the size of the grip tape longboard should be supportive of each other. Also, the more the grip tape will be sticky, the more it will be easier to apply on the deck.

Best Longboard Grip Tapes

1. Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Black 9″ BUBBLE FREE

The first on our grip tapes list is this Mob Skateboard grip tape that provides a great non-slippery surface and promises to enhance your skating rides. With its super-stickiness, this grip tape won’t peel off, no matter how up or down the temperature goes. Its application is completely bubble-free because its tiny, barely visible holes allow the trapped air to escape. Considering its quality and functioning, price is nothing!

2. Diamond Supply Co Grizzly Grip Tape ( Black )

The next on the list of best grip tapes is this Grizzly grip tape that offers a right hold to professionals on the deck. It’s much sticky and provides a flawless grip required to do skating tricks and attempt fast cruising. You may apply this yourself as it offers bubble-free application with its hardly noticeable perforations. It’s a simple lack grip tape with a cute bear cut out, giving a nice grizzly effect!

3. Grizzly Stamp Print Black/Red 9×33 M. Santiago – Single Sheet

Here comes this classy printed Grizzly grip tape, made by the Diamond Supply Company. It’s a 9″ x 33″ single black sheet, featuring a printed stamp of Grizzly in hot red color. It provides an amazing grip and is quite easy to apply. With its tiny holes in the back, the air escapes easily, leaving no bubbly effect behind when applied. In short, this grip tape is ready to give your deck a nice look while offering you a perfect grip for fast cruising.

4. Jessup Single Sheet Grip tape

It’s a single sheet, 9″ x 33″, black grip tape that promises to add grip to any surface. It’s quite adhesive and pretty easy to cut into any shape required. Whether you’re into cruising or pro tricks, this grip tape won’t kill your shoes at all. With its sufficient width, people riding wider decks won’t face a problem in covering the whole area. It’s much sticky and quality is also pretty impressive.

5. Black Diamond Longboard Grip tape Sheet Black 10 x 48

The last on the list but not the least, comes this highly recommended Black Diamond longboard grip tape. Easy to put on and sticks nicely, this grip tape provides enhanced stability to pro skaters. It’s quite durable that you won’t witness any signs of wear even after months of its installation. It provides a strong grip and removes all possibilities of slipping, no matter how advanced tricks you attempt.
Due to reasonable costs and impressive features, these grip tapes will definitely improve your skating drills. If these are not what you’re looking for, check out some more grip tapes here to find something that fits your requirements.

More Grip Tape


No matter, how high-quality or expensive longboard you get yourself, it’s useless if it’s not covered by a good grip tape. A tape provides your skate shoes strong grip, allowing you to perform advanced drills and enjoy speedy rides. From size of the grip to its stickiness and scratchy surface, different features need to be considered when buying a grip tape. If you want to be a pro skater, check out the above mentioned best grip tapes for longboards and kick thrill into longboard cruising!

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Best Longboard Bushings

BLBGBushings are support cushions made of urethane that are attached to the kingpin and are fitted into the bushing seat on either sides of the hanger. The best longboard bushings are the one that prevent the metal parts of the truck from grating on each other by providing adaptable levels of resistance while turning. They are important components of your longboard and can be customized by adjusting size, shape and Durometer. Each truck should have two bushings each.

Mostly, bushings are not given much thought while buying longboard. Mostly, when we go for buying a longboard, bushings are bought keeping in mind, ‘one size fits all’ policy. The point we ignore is that not everyone enjoys same riding style and have same body weight. And if we are ignoring the right bushing for our longboard trucks, we cannot guarantee smooth and stable ride. It is, therefore, recommended highly by the experts that bushing shapes and durometers should be customized to cater your individual needs in order to get the best ride you are aiming for.

Here are some of the best available bushings in the market:

How Do I Pick the Correct Bushings for My Longboard?

Correct BushingsBushings are one of the smallest components of longboard and are often overlooked by many who are either buying a longboard or customizing different components of their longboard, which is a mistake. They may be small but play an important role in providing you comfort and control while riding. When they are customized according to your style of riding and your body weight, you will definitely feel marked difference between this ride and the ride you experience with stock components.

There are various factors that should be kept in mind while choosing the right bushing for the trucks of your longboard but you should not be intimidated by the choices you have to make. All you have to do is keep in mind two things that would help you in choosing the right bushing for your trucks; Shape and Durometer of the bushing.

1. Bushing Shape

There are two basic shapes of bushing available in the market right now; Cones and barrels. We can get Standard bushings, which come in pair; one is of cone shape and one of barrel shape. Stepped bushings are also available which are hybrid between cone and barrel. Both shapes feature their own unique characteristics, which we are going to discuss below:

Cone Bushings

Conical in shape, Cone Bushings are mounted on the trucks with the widest end of the bushing touching the hanger while its smaller end faces away from the hanger, towards the baseplate to be exact. Cone bushings are mostly usedfor cruising and carving style of rides as they showcase least amount of mass making it less supportive around the center of bushing. This provides less resistance while turning. They are best for riders with lighter body weight.

Tall cones, which can be 0.750” in height, are rarely used but they are available to fit specific trucks like Ronin, Bennett etc. that offers larger clearance

Barrel Bushings

Longboard BushingsBarrel Bushings come in symmetrical shape like that of barrel. Mostly, this shape is chosen for all kinds of rides. It provides stability in your ride as it comes with greater mass and surface area. When you are riding at high speed, it is very responsive and stable. They also come in Tall barrels with 0.750” in height, which are not very common but produced for specific kinds of trucks such as Ronin, Bennett and few others with larger clearances.

  • “Standard” Bushings

Standard Bushings is basically a term used for describing a set of bushings in which one is barrel and the other one is cone. This combo provides the longboard smaller turning radius due to the cone and greater amount of stability thanks to the barrel Bushing. This kind of ideal combination can offer best carving experience as well as mild to medium speed freeriding.

  • Stepped Bushings

Stepped bushings come in non-standardize shapes and each brand presents its own variation for it. They are available in hybrid cone and barrel combination or as a hybrid between a simple barrel and a wider and flatter barrel shape. This creates ‘stepped lip’. They have larger mass as they are manufactured to fill the bushing seat of your trucks. Venom Eliminator, Venom Freeride, Blood Orange Wedge and Rip Tide Chubby are a few examples of Stepped Bushings available in the market.

  • Bonus: hourglass Bushings

Apart from the main shapes available in the market for bushings, there are other shapes also made available by the manufacturers. Hourglass bushings, as the name suggests, have hourglassshape, which provides less stability but more leaning in your ride. It is not recommended for the newbies but if you are a pro, then you can enjoy the new riding experience provided by this innovative bushing shape introduced by the manufacturers. Tall hourglassBushings with 0.750” height are not readily available but are offered for special trucks such as Ronin, Bennett and few others.

  • Insert Bushings

Insert Bushings are manufactured with washers being incorporated into the bushing design.In Insert Bushing, there is no need to manually add washers due to its default design. These bushings are used in traditional kingpin trucks, which are most commonly used.

2. Bushing Durometer

Just like wheels of longboards and skateboard, bushings also have durometer ratings to assess theirhardness. Generally speaking, softer bushings provide less stability but are more responsive while harder bushing provide more stability but is less responsive. For an ideal ride, it is imperative that you get the right hardness for your bushing.

Longboard Bushing ShapeWe are going to discuss some numbers and relationships between the rider’s weight and the durometer of the bushing. It will guide you to get the correct bushing with the right durometer according to your weight. Durometer ratings are usually represented by numbers between 70 -100. The letter ‘a’ indicates that it is on ‘Shore A’ hardness rating scale. A bushing with 78a rating means it is softer as compared to, if it is rating scale 100a.
Here are some useful figures that will help you choose the right bushing according to your weight for different kinds of rides.
For Cruising and Carving, use Standard Bushing Combination (Barrel/Cone):

Cruising/Carving Weight Guide Flexy Medium Stiff
50-100 lbs. 65a 78a 81a
75-125 lbs. 80a 83a 85a
100-145 lbs. 85a 87a 88a
125-175 lbs. 87a 89a 91a
145-195 lbs. 88a 93a 94a
175-220+ lbs. 91a 93a 97a+

For fast Freeride and high-speed Downhill rides, it is highly recommended that you use Double Barrel combo.

Freeride Weight Guide Flexy Medium Stiff
50-100 lbs. 68a 80a 81a
75-125 lbs. 80a 83a 84a
100-145 lbs. 83a 85a 87a
125-175 lbs. 87a 89a 92a
145-195 lbs. 89a 91a 93a
175-220+ lbs. 91a 93a 97a+

Weird Longboard Bushing Shapes

Downhill Weight Guide Flexy Medium Stiff
50-100 lbs. 65a 78a 81a
75-125 lbs. 80a 83a 85a
100-145 lbs. 85a 87a 88a
125-175 lbs. 88a 90a 93a
145-195 lbs. 90a 93a 94a
175-220+ lbs. 91a 93a 100a

1. BONES™ Wheels HardCore Bushings

Bones Wheels HardCore Bushings are available with quality urethanes that provide exhilarating surfing experience because of its revolutionary design. It provides smooth and positive turns and full control on your ride. Like all Bones products, Bones WheelHardCore Bushings come with a warranty. They are available in different sizes as well. You will find your trucks to be more responsive after mounting Bones Bushings on your trucks and your ride will improve.

2. Orangatang Nipples Longboard Skateboard Truck Bushings (Set of 4)

The Orangatang Nipples Bushings are manufactured to assist you in your carvings to make perfect bounces and energized rebounds. Its slightly larger and wider shape and size, provides your trucks more support and balance, giving you a very responsive ride. Its urethane is special formula, Randy Thane that makes your riding experience quite exhilarating. Each pack comes with two taller bottom bushings with 0.66” height and two shorter bushings (0.56”) and four thin and strong flat washers.

3. Bones HardCore Soft Skate Bushings (2 Truck set)

Bones HardCore Soft Skate Bushings are fused to the inner core and helps support the cushion and make it stronger. This will provide you with much better ride and shorter break-in time. You achieve much smoother turns and more control over your ride as your trucks centers better. Bones HardCore Soft Skate Bushings comes with 4 bushings for 2 trucks and 2 Top Replacement Washers.

4. Venom Downhill-93a Green Bushing Set

Venom Downhill 93a is designed to keep your longboard trucks flexible and adjustable. They are made with high quality material and are manufacturedto provide you best ride every time you mount on your longboard. They are durable and have the durometer rating 93a, which provides stable ride downhill when you need control and stability, especially at high speed.

How to install Bone Bushings

Here is a YouTube video link for comprehensive guide to install Bone Bushings.

We have discussed top bushing brands available in the market right now. Still, if you do not find them of your liking or the ones you like are not on the list, then here is a link that will provide you with many other options of bushings available in the market that you might like.
Check More


Orangatang NipplesLongboarding is a craze and its fan base is not restricted to any age. It is an adrenaline-powered game that is enjoyable for the surfers and spectators alike. And like any game, the equipment plays an important role in the quality of play. Longboard Bushings may be one of the smallest components of the longboard, but they play an important role in providing you with the ideal ride you are aiming for. Therefore, it is imperative to be careful about the kind of bushings you purchase for your longboard. With advents in sports and the technology in industry, they are manufacturing bushings according to your body weight as well as the style of ride you enjoy. So whenever you buy them for your trucks, make sure you buy the best longboard bushings, the ones that fulfil your specifications if you want to experience exhilarating ride and enjoy the sport to the fullest.

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Best Longboard Trucks

Best Longboard TrucksLongboarding is an exhilarating game and attracts people of all ages; some to ride, others to admire the skills and dexterity of pros showing-off their tricks and stunts they can pull off using a board on wheels. In both cases, it is an exciting game to witness. Just like any game, quality of game depends significantly on the quality of the equipment. Trucks are important components of a longboard that allows you to turn and keep the wheels of the board properly attached to the board. Therefore, when choosing a longboard, longboard trucks should also be given due attention to ensure smooth and quality ride that you are looking for. Whenever you go for choosing a longboard truck, there are two things that you should keep in mind while making the purchase, getting best quality in reasonable price and buying trucks according to the type of ride you are inclined to, namely, cruising, Freeride and downhill.Considering above criteria, here is a list of best trucks available in the market.

Top 5 Best Longboard Trucks Recommendation

Choosing Longboard Trucks


Size Trucks LongboardFor the cruising style of longboard ride, it is recommended that the trucks should be closest to the width of the deck of your longboard. To get the trucks close to the width of the deck makes it easy for you to choose the right wheels for your longboard trucks and provides you with consistent and smooth ride. It gives you superior quality ride, as the advantage points on your board will be perfectly aligned with your trucks and wheels. While choosing the trucks for cruising style, there are two things that we have to consider.

1. Truck Width

Rules for choosing the most appropriate trucks for your longboard are quite simple. There are two widths available in the market to choosefrom, 150mm and 180mm. All you have to do is to select the truck width that is closest to the width of the deck of your longboard, usually 1/4th of your decks width.

Choosing right trucks for Skinnier Decks

Cruising decks that have width less than 8.5” are skinnier decks. For these types of longboards, trucks with 150mm trucks are ideal combination for best riding experience.

Choosing right trucks for Wider Decks

Carving decks mostly comes with width ranging from approx. 8.5” – 10.5” and up. For such types of decks, you need to purchase 180mm trucks for ideal combination.
Longboard Trucks

2. Standard and Reverse Kingpin Truck

Cruising and carving style of longboarding is considered best done with reverse-kingpin, which are manufactured and designed for providing wide range of manoeuvrability, and dexterity, which is always desired by longboarding enthusiasts. While, Standard trucks are rarely used. That, though, doesn’t render Standard trucks to be useless or substandard; with a little nick here, and tuck there and bushing up upgrades, Standard style trucks can provide you with effortless turns and smooth rides, just like reverse-kingpin.

Reverse-Kingpin Trucks

Reverse Kingpin are mostly used on longboards which are used on boardwalk or downhill race tracks. Reverse-Kingpin is designed to assist and provide more flexibility in turns and manoeuvrability. You will find this style of trucks more in use.

Standard-Kingpin Trucks

Standard Trucks are used for street skateboards. These trucks are recommended to be used for cruising board with kicktails as it let you enjoy sharp response from the use of tail.

Free Ride

Freeride is most popular longboarding style among longboarding enthusiasts. Freeriding owe its origins to street skateboarding which allowed riding any way one liked. Main features of Freeride are sliding, early grabs, tailwhips, manuals, flip tricks, techsliding and minor downhill. It incorporates many styles of longboarding in one.

1. Choosing Truck Design

Longboard Trucks Reverse KingpinLongboarding and skateboarding have been around for quite some time now and so the manufacturers have worked on the functionality of the designs to provide best rides. For freeriding style of longboarding, bushing style of trucks are considered best as it features simplicity and also they have proved best for this kind of rides over a period of time.

Reverse Kingpin or Standard Kingpin Trucks

Reverse Kingpin Trucks are considered best for freeriding style of longboarding whether it is drop-through or drop-platform deck. Reverse Kingpin trucks assists in smooth rides and help in turning and carving styles of ride as well. Therefore, for Freeride longboarding, experts suggest using Reverse Kingpin.

Baseplate Angle

Longboard Trucks Baseplate AngleBaseplate Angle choice depends totally on the personal preference of the riders. Some riders, for freeriding, choose trucks with lower baseplate angle (40-45°) which provides more stability during the ride and smooth experience. While others love to live on the edge and want aggressive turns and for that, they like the baseplate with higher baseplate angle (50-52°). Higher baseplates provides more power in forcing the wheels to break traction and start the slide.

2. Choosing Truck Width

To ensure smooth and ideal riding performance, it is imperative that the width of truck should be as close as possible to the width of the longboard deck. The ideal width recommended for the trucks is 10” or 180mm. This size can vary a few millimetres from the aforementioned size as, such minute difference will not affect the overall performance of the trucks.

Downhill Trucks

Downhill longboarding is what the name suggests. Downhill longboarding has been developed over the years and have many options in longboards to improve stability, which is a must for downhill longboard ride. It is an adrenaline-poweredsport, which calls for proper safety gear more than other styles of longboarding for sake of your own health. Trucks for such ride should be chosen while considering the demands of downhill ride.

1. Choosing Truck Design

Longboard Trucks Traditional KingpinNowadays, with such advancement in the game of longboarding itself, there is wide range of trucks available in the market to choose from. We have to keep in mind the style of ride we are interested in while making the purchase. For downhill longboarding, whether you have drop-through or top-mount deck, a reverse kingpin truck loaded with bushing suspension and turning system is considered ideal for handlingthe speed of downhill rides.

Why Reverse Kingpin Trucks

At highspeeds, in longboarding, you need predictable truck behaviour to avoid any unwarranted mishap. For this, Reverse Kingpin provides predictability to the riders and make smooth turns downhill. These trucks can be mounted on both drop-through and top-mount decks. Some professional and intermediate level riders choose precision trucks. They are expensive relatively as they are manufactured differently as compared to cast trucks.

Baseplate Angle

Degree of your baseplate plays an important role in determining the kind of turn your longboard will take with specific amount of lean. Highdegree trucks with 50° angle will offer you quick response. On the other hand, lower degree trucks with 40° baseplate angle will offer more stability athighspeed. Lower degree of baseplate can cause complications with wheelbite, so it is recommended that you use 50° reverse kingpin trucks if you are a beginner.

2. Choosing Truck Width

As with most trucks, it is recommending highlythat the width of the trucks should be as closely corresponding to the width of your longboard deck as possible. You should be looking for trucks that come under 10” or 180mm category. Plus or minus of few millimetres will not affect the performance of your ride.

Best Longboard Trucks

1.Gullwing Sidewinder II (Set of 2), Silver, 9-Inch

Gullwing Sidewinder II showcases very unique features, which make it standout in the market. Firstly, it has two separate kingpins, which is going to allow you to have two different points of turn. It will assist you in riding higher. This feature will also let you make turns very nice and tight giving you very cool surfing feeling. Gullwing Sidewinder II is a great carving truck andhelps you push around town in crowded areas as well. Secondly, it allows you to actually take out middle joint and convert it to a single kingpin truck, which will give you a standard kingpin truck, but on a 10” wider truck, which can be fitted to a wider deck for more stable ride.

2.Paris V2 Amanda Powell Pro Model 180mm Longboard Skateboard Trucks Set of 2

Paris trucks are made super solid and sturdy and can be used anywhere and in any way you want as it can endure any kind of handling and rides. It has been upgraded from the original Paris Trucks. The hangers of Paris V2 Trucks are designed to be stronger which makes it less likely to bend. It features more kingpin clearance in the bushing seat. This feature allows the rider to carve more freely and smoothly. Paris Trucks now showcases new branded grade 8 kingpin to enforce more strength. It is designed with higher quality pivot cup for long life and smoother turns.

3.Bear Grizzly 852 181mm Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2)

Bear Grizzly 852 trucks are manufactured and designed to be one of the most versatile trucks. Its unique shape of hanger allows you to flip it over to adjust the performance of the truck according to your style. When you flip it, it is adjusted to lower turning radius giving you a stable ride downhill and assist you in handling high speeds with more control. In addition, if you keep it at standard position, it will help you with responsive turns. Bear Grizzly 852 are designed for almost any style of ride you like.

4.5″ Turbo Speed Trucks Set w/ Screws

5” Turbo Speed Trucks comes with 5’ hanger, as the name suggests and 7.63” Axle length. These trucks are ideal for pairing with 7.5”, 7.63” and 7.75” decks and will provide you with excellent riding experience. Metal Alloy finish gives it classy look. It comes with a set of two Mid Profile Trucks and provided with a set of 1” Phillips Screws as well. They are easy to install and can make an ordinary longboard, a better one. They are designed to be strong and durable.

5.LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w/ 71mm WHEELS + 9.675” Polished / Black Trucks Package by Yocaher

This comes in form of a whole set with wheels bearings, hardware and Risers as well. The trucks are in polished style, black in colour with 175mm HD7 Reverse Kingpin heavy Duty Trucks, made with Aluminium Alloy making it sturdy and durable. Grade 8 Kingpin, 90A PU Bushingprovides more grip and stability during rides. Yocaher Trucks are easily adjustable and can be tightened and loosened at users’ discretion quite easily.
These are some of the top-notch trucks available in the market, which are offering great riding experience to the longboarding enthusiasts. Still if you do not find any product of your liking, please click here for many other quality trucks available in the market, which may catch your fancy and may offer better riding experience.


Longboarding is an exciting sport and can be taken up at any age. A few things should be kept in mind while making the purchase so that you can enjoy this sport to the fullest. While making the purchase, always keep in mind which kind of style you are inclined to. The trucks make a huge difference in making the ride smooth and offer responsive turns and carvings. Therefore, whether it is cruising, Freeride or downhill, your trucks should be in correspondence to the riding style. Last but not the least, never compromise on the quality of the trucks you are using as they can make all the difference between smooth or a bumpy ride.

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