Vert Skateboarding Basics

The skateboarding ramps having two long half pipes are called as verts. Just like the X Games, you will find these Verts. As the ramps are vertical, they are, in short, called as ‘verts’. If you ride on an overt ramp, it will be a great fun for you.

However, the first thing for that is to learn the art of skateboarding. When you are done with the different tricks of the same, then finding the vert ramp is the next work in hand for you.

Finding a Vert Ramp near You

Finding the vert ramp is not as easy as it seems at the very outset. A few steps should be followed if you wish to do that. Starting off process would be best in a skateboarding shop. Most of the times, they are the ones who can guide you the best. But in case they fail to do so, you will have the following options.

Concrete Disciples: They are the ones who have been making the lists of the skateboarding locations for a long while. From them all the information regarding the right parks and locations for the verts can be taken. Using a filter you can find the right vert near your location and then go for it.

Free Skate Parks: This is another website which you can follow for finding the vert ramps. There also you can find a long list of the skateboarding parks enlisted.

Finding a Vert Ramp near YouYou can positively hope that will these options at your hand, you will surely be able to find the vert ramp that is nearest to you. However, you may have to drive there and pay for the park tickets. This is the thing that can happen.

Vert Ramp Protective Gear

  • Knee Pads
  • Helmet
  • Wrist Guards
  • Elbow Pads

If you are riding on the street, then the Helmet only is enough. But when you are skateboarding on the vert, then it is another story. In here, your speed will be quite high and so, in case you fall, then you can be hurt pretty badly.

The knee and elbow pads, therefore, are essential in every way. Also the wrist guards can work as additional supports. Don’t think that your look will be that of an amateur.

Vert Ramp Protective GearMost of the individuals who skateboard on the vert ramps choose to wear all of these. However, if you are still not feeling comfortable in this, then you should keep in mind that your ride will be over two slabs of wood that are attached by screws. Now it happens that sometimes, these slabs get loosely attached and the screws stay loose also. Now in case you fall over that crack and over the screws, wouldn’t it be the knee pads, rather than the knee cap that will save you?

Sliding on your Knees on the Vert Ramp

Once the choice regarding the riding gear is set, and so is the skateboard, then you are all set for the vert ramp. Then next part would be quite enjoyable indeed, you will wish to learn how to fall. At the time of vert skateboarding, there are many times that you will have to survive the fall. This is obvious and that is the reason that you will need to learn how you can fall safely.

If you have all of your pads properly set on your body, you will have to let go of the skateboard and find an empty place to fall immediately, a place where no other skateboard rider is using. Now you will have to run up at that part make the jump and then fall with the knee pads in front to take the blow of the fall. You can do that after sliding down the ramp to some extent. When you will do this couple of times, then you will get used to it.

Sliding on your Knees on the Vert RampHowever, there are times, when, performing this will not be easy enough. At other occasions you may fall with your back or head at the falling side. In such cases, protecting that part with your hands is not a nice plan unless you are using the wrist pads. However, saving the body with the hands is the best option that you can always try to do. However, however you try to save yourself, be relaxed and work with the gravity properly so that you land in the middle.

Pumping Up and Down the Vert Ramp

This is the part from where it all goes interesting. You have to take hold of the skateboard and find a part of the ramp that is empty. It is better to visit the ramp at a time when the crowd is less there.

Once you are at the bottom, get on your skateboard and give a push to yourself so that you can go up towards the vert ramp wall. At that time keep your knee bent as at the time your speed will get lesser you can increase it with the pushing out from the knees so that you can reach much higher on the ramp wall.

Pumping Up and Down the Vert RampOnce the speed is enough, you are on the top, then the skateboard will roll back and that at that time, you will have to shift your weight at the opposite side. The push that you will give here will be strong. Focus on the wheels and practice it a couple of times.

By the time you will reach on the other side, you will have the maximum speed. You will have to continue the back and forth practice for a long time so that your body grabs the trick. Then you will get the best idea regarding the process of pumping on the vert ramp.

Once you gain the confidence over the process, you can try for pivoting when you are at the very top of the push. Otherwise you can also roll back fackie. Whatever you choose, do that with a relaxed manner.

Working Up to Dropping In

The drop on the vert ramp happens to be a very tricky task and getting the body ready is very important for that reason. If you do not drop in properly, then there may be chances for serious injuries.

Using smaller ramps at first to drop is a good way to start your practice. At the skate parks also you can start off. Practicing on the mini-ramps, small quarter pipes and smaller wall of skateparks will be the best option. Ramps having a flat and clear area have the best opportunity for skateboarding. You can increase your speed there and keep practicing.

Working Up to Dropping InOnce dropping on those kinds of ramps becomes easy, and then you can venture on the ramps that are comparably bigger in size. It is better not to run in the process and give enough time so that you can be an expert in this part. After a considerable while of practicing in these ramps, the actual vert ramp is your next destination.

Dropping In on Vert Ramps

At the beginning, from the high, the dropping in part will look quite a scary thing, but it is actually not. Once you have the belief that you can do that, you really can.

You have to go up on the top of the ramp and then set the skateboard tail.

After this, when you will see the area ahead of you is clear of the other skaters, relax your body with some deep breathing and put the front foot over the front truck of the skateboard and then be steady and finally, let yourself go.

Dropping In on Vert RampsAt this time do not try to hold yourself back. In case you do so, you will have to face a crash. On the front truck put your weight and get on the ramp. The process is no doubt a little bit scary, but once you will do it, that fear will clear out.

Actually it is the belief that you can do it and that makes your skateboarding on the vert ramp much easier. The moment you gain the confidence that you can do it, you will start getting the fun.

After you increase the speed on the ramp, you can also make the shifting of your weights the same way you can at the time of pumping up on the ramp. Putting the weight on the foot is the best option in this case. Therefore, after speeding up, you will have to keep the weight over the front foot. Leaning on it is the best idea. Then again, when you are speeding up on the other side, shift the body weight to the back foot and ride back on the other side. This way, through the weight shifting to the two legs, you can do the back and forth.

Vert Ramps – Get Out and Ride

When you are through all these process, you can do the rest quite comfortably. This is the essence of comfort that you should have positively.

Vert Ramps Get Out and RideTaking guidance from the other skaters on the ramp is also quite suggestible. The usage free ramps have the most skaters. So there you will have a lot of persons to ask for more guidance.


Once you get a hang of learning the process to ride on the ramp, you will be starting to learn the different tricks such as Fakie, Rock, Axle Stall, Rock and Roll and so on. Once you are ready, relax and have all these fun.

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How to Replace Skateboard Bushings


Get Ready

Don’t know what the skateboard bushings are? They are the rings of rubbery nature that can be found inside the truck. Along with time they also face the wear and tear problems and at that time, the spring gets lost.

In that case, the truck board stops turning to both directions and turns only to a single side. This is the kind of loss of performance that you cannot go on with. Much before the wearing off part, these bushings should be replaced. This is the good part. You can now very easily make the replacement of these bushings.

Removal of the skateboard truck happens to be essential before the skateboard bushing replacement. It is not that you have to do that, but the process makes the steps easier.

When all are set, check the tools you have once and then get on the work.

Get Ready


Tools, and What’s the Kingpin?

The skate tool happens to be the best one when it comes to the replacement of the skateboard bushing. Otherwise, a perfect alternative to that tool would be the general socket wrench. Get one of that which is matching to the head of the truck’s kingpin (in most of the cases, hexagonal head kingpin is used).

Don’t have any idea regarding what kingpin actually means? Kingpin is the big bolt running through the skateboard truck center. (You can look at the photograph; the red line there shows where the kingpin would be. The end and nut of this kingpin should match with the wrench that you will use.

In some cases, the style is different and the selection of the tools has to be done likewise. In most cases, you will find similar trucks. But there are exceptions also, such as the Grindking trucks. For those kinds of trucks you will need the hex wrench. The good thing is that in case of the Grindking kingpins also, the rules are the same and so you will find the same instructions properly working.

As the regular bolt is used is all of the kingpins, using skate tools is the easiest option. So at the time you will ready the trucks, the tools have to be ready for rip the trucks properly apart.

Tools Skateboard


Disassembling your Skateboard Trucks

This is the time you have to disassemble the trucks of your skateboard. Removing the nut happens to be the first thing that you will have to do. Also called as the “Jesus nut” by some, this nut is the one holding the entire truck. Once you open the nut, you will disassemble the other parts of the trucks, first the washer, then the other parts. But be mindful, these parts are small and so easy to lose. Keep them properly.


Taking Apart the Skateboard Trucks

Keep the process of disassembling going on and keep the parts in a safe place, may be in a box so that you don’t lose them end of the day. While this process goes on, you will also open the hanger that holds the truck by its axles. Taking off this part might be a little difficult since it stays tightly attached. For this one, you will have to pull it from the sockets and move it upwards from the kingpin. As this one will be off, you will be able to pull off the other parts of the truck quite easily.

Taking Apart the Skateboard Trucks


Cleaning and Replacing Parts from your Skateboard Trucks and Bushings

The above photo shows how the properly disassembled pieces will look. Once the process is done, then you will have to concentrate on the bushing. Have a look at the formation that it has. It does not matter if you finally decide to change the bushing or not.

Cleaning each part of the truck is essential. Also the kingpin should be taken out of the base plate and cleaned also. This is the time; you can make the replacement of any of the parts. When you are using a new bushing there, the old one should be discarded. After this is done, it is the time to assemble the truck once again.

Cleaning and Replacing Parts from your Skateboard


Assembling Skateboard Trucks

This part of re-assembling the truck is not hard at all. All you will have to do is to put the parts one by one on the kingpin. You should keep in mind the order in which the parts were. If you have forgotten, in that case follow the order mentioned below:

  • First the base plate
  • Then the large washer
  • After that the large bushing
  • The Hanger
  • Finally the small bushing
  • One small washer

When you will go through the process, and then be careful enough so that you do not bend or break any part. So do not push any of the parts too hard. However, it is not that the skateboard trucks are very sensitive as they are designed to put up with a lot of pressure. This is the reason that you need to be too worried.
If it happens that you find that the bushings are in perfect form, the using a larger washer is a better promise for a better performance. This is one very effective trick that you can make use of.

Assembling Skateboard Trucks


Tightening Your Skateboard Trucks

When you will set the parts over the kingpin once again, you have to set the nut above and tighten it properly. The tighter you will be able to set the nut, the better the performance of your skateboard will be. With the tighter trucks, the turning does not take place properly until pushed. So at the time of any trick movement, there stays mo chance of any kind of flexing. However, for a proper curving, loose trucks are also required.

Tightening Your Skateboard Trucks


The maintenance process of the skateboard truck is not a very hard deal. All you will need is the right guidance for that. This is what you will be getting from here. Henceforth, they will be no issues with the skateboard truck performance as you will be able to have a proper idea for the truck parts changing from here only.

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Best Skateboard Gear and Accessories

Any sports on wheels tend to be dangerous as you may fall, going at great speed and get fatally injured if you are not wearing any protective gear. It is very important that you protect your head, knees and hands in particular by using quality protective gear. Skateboard is a fast paced, exhilarating game and you need to be careful and use protective measures by wearing skateboard gear that is made especially to ensure your safety. Here, we are going to list Best Skateboard Gear and Accessories to help you gear yourself with the best equipment so that you can enjoy your rides with surety of safety.


Best Skateboard Helmet

Best Skateboard HelmetHelmet is the most important safety gear as it ensures safety of your skull. Therefore, spending a little bit extra on your headgear is a logical decision. It is highly encouraged practice in skateboarding as well as longboarding community; in fact, people look down upon a person who refuses to take this precautionary measure.

You cannot pinpoint any particular style of skateboarding to be more dangerous than the other is or whether being more knowledgeable about skateboarding keeps you safe 100% from any accident or injury. Anyone can experience accident. A pebble caught in your skateboard wheel can send you rolling on the road. However, most injuries are sustained when inexperienced skateboarders are trying to land a trick. Therefore, if you are wearing a helmet, you can avoid any serious injury. Even when you become a pro in skateboarding and have mastered every trick in the book, you are to wear a helmet still.

Getting a certified and Best Skateboard Accessories can be crucial and ensure that the helmet that you are using will not let you down in the time of need and keep your head safe from any injury. They are not as complicated as their names make them appear.

An important thing to note before getting a helmet for yourself is that the foam inside a helmet called Expanded Polystyrene or EPS is certified by CPSC standards, as it is an important component of the helmet. It is the one, which absorbs the main impact of the fall so make sure it is not a cheap copy.


Best Skateboard Slide Gloves

Best Skateboard Slide GlovesGloves are another important protective gear that isnecessary for the skateboarders if they want to avoid serious scathing of hands or an injury during their tricks and fast downhill rides. There are various types and styles of gloves available for the skateboarders in the market and you can get one according to personal preferences.

For example, you can get gloves with low profile for simple skateboard rides or you can get a pair of sturdier gloves for more protection. You can also get finger pucks and thumb pucks with different styles available. Then, there is one puck for all four fingers available as well as lobster style etc. There is a vast variety available in the market that can cater well to your style of skateboarding.

Slide gloves work two ways. One, they protect skateboarder’s hands from direct impact or contact with the hard surfaces and do tricks with ease. Second, they are made with breathable mesh material, which is designed to absorb sweat from your hands on hot days. While making the purchase, getting lightweight gloves is important but make sure they are durable at the same time to endure the tricks and style of skateboarding you prefer.


Best Skateboard Wheels

Best Skateboard WheelsWheels are what make you move while standing on skateboard deck so their quality have a major role to play in the quality of ride you are expecting. Made with polyurethane mostly, they come in various sizes, colours and durability levels that cater to your preferred riding style. Measurement of skateboard wheels is taken considering both their diameter and durometer. Which one you choose considering these measurements depends on your style of skateboarding.There are custom wheels available in the market that works best with your riding style and matches your trucks and deck.

Durometer that determines the hardness of the wheels is an important aspect to check before making the purchase. Harder wheels are faster while soft wheels are slow but have more grips. Softer wheels are good for street skating wile harder wheels perform well on smooth surfaces, such as skate parks. Some companies make customized wheels for specific use as well.

Similarly, contact patch plays an important role in providing stability to your skateboard and there are different types for different styles of skateboarding. You can choose Best Skateboard Wheel Brands according to your preferred style.


Best Skateboard Bearing

Best Skateboard BearingSkateboard bearings are circular metal pieces that fits inside the wheels used to fix the wheels to the axle. No matter what size of wheels is used, bearings are all of the same size and will fit any skateboard wheel. The standard measurements for bearings are 8mm (core), 22mm (outer diameter) and 7mm (width). Skateboard bearings’ performance is dependent on the proper functioning of other parts of the wheels. They should be cleaned regularly as the build-up of dirt can hamper their proper functioning and eventually make them halt completely.

Most bearings are gauged using ABEC ratings. The higher the ABEC rating, the more accurate the bearing will be. Bones Bearings do not use ABEC rating along with a handful of some other companies and have their own rating system called skate rated. They are superior as compared to ABEC rated bearings as they take care of many quality factors that ABEC rated bearings maker ignores.

There are two kinds of bearings available in the market based on material being used in their manufacturing.

Steel Bearings: They are made of steel and their quality depends on quality of steel used.

Ceramic Bearings: Some companies now offer ceramic bearings, which are very smooth and produce very little friction. Moreover, they do not expand in heat. They are a bit more expensive but for durability, they are worth the price.


Best Skateboard Trucks

Best Skateboard TrucksT-shaped pieces mounted under the skateboard that house the skateboards wheels and bearings are called skateboard trucks. They are very crucial components of your skateboard that keep the wheels and bearings securely attached to the deck of your skateboard. The type and size of skate trucks you choose affects the stability of your skateboard. You have to be careful in choosing and maintaining your trucks to avoid wheel bite; wear and tear that happens when wheels rub against your board and hinders your movements during performing tricks.

Bushings play an important role in performance of your trucks. Softer bushings facilitate easy turning. Depending on your style of skateboarding, you can keep your trucks tight or loose. As far as size of the trucks is concerned, it is measured by axle width or hanger width. This width directly affects the performance of your skateboard and you can choose one according to your own skateboarding style. Following sizes are generally available in the market.

  • 6″-7.25″ truck axle – 6.5″ to 7.25″ skateboard decks
  • 7.5″ truck axle – 7.25 to 7.5″ skateboard decks
  • 7.75″ truck axle – 7.5″ to 8″ skateboard decks
  • 8.0″ truck axle – 8″ to 8.5″ skateboard decks
  • 8.5″ truck axle – 8.5″ to 9″ skateboard decks
  • 9.0″ truck axle – 9″ to 10″ skateboard decks
  • 10.0″ truck axle – 10″ wide and above skateboard decks


Best Skateboard Knee Pads – Elbow Pads

Best Skateboard Knee Pads & Elbow PadsApart from head and hands, the next most vulnerable parts that may get hurt on impact from fall are knees and elbows. Any sports that are played on concrete calls for protective gear that includes elbow pads and kneepads beside headgear and hand protection. For skateboarding, hard shell pads, support braces are needed. Whether you are passionate skateboarder or not, you will need protection and not getting elbow and knee protection is not an option.

Hard shell knee and elbow pads are neoprene sleeves or they are also available as pad made with thin breathable and flexible material. However, hard shell pads are recommended mostly as they can take the pressure of impact on concrete much better than any other protective material used in this category. Therefore, it is recommended that you get hard-shelled elbow and kneepads and make sure you do not skateboard without them.


Best Skateboard accessories lights

Best Skateboard accessories lightsAnother accessory that proves quite handy is board light. It is a small compatible light that can be adjusted just under the truck without any hassle and helps you get detected by the on-going traffic at night time. It can be called a protective gear as well as it protects you from any accident that might take place due to the fact that you are not visible to the incoming traffic.

This accessory solve this problem and is neither hard to install nor very expensive. It can be easily installed under your deck and is protected by the truck and the wheel. You can also install it over the deck according to your convenience. There is a Skateboard headlights and back red light available to be visible to traffic coming from both sides. So if you are an ardent skateboard enthusiast, do not let sunset hinder your passion; these Skateboard lights are just a thing for people like you.


Best Shoes for Skateboarding

Best Shoes for SkateboardingSkate shoes or skateboard shoes are made and designed especially for skateboarding. They are designed in a manner that lowers the risk of injuries to ones feet and let the skateboarder have more control over their board for safe ride. The material used in making these shoes offer better strength and durability for the rides. For soles, polyurethane or rubber is used while for the upper part, tough material is used with double or triple stitching to make them even sturdier.

During skateboarding, one can experience great impact to the underside of the foot, which may result in stress related injuries to ankle, arch or heel. Wearing a good quality skateboard shoes can prevent such injuries. Not only are they functional, companies are manufacturing them keeping in mind your aesthetic needs and are available in many beautiful and attractive designs and colours. There are many brands of skateboard shoes available according to your taste and needs.


Best Leather Skateboard Suits

Best Leather Skateboard SuitsSkateboard suits are protective layer that keeps the skateboarder’s body from injury due to impact on concrete. To make sure that the suits doesn’t tear apart on impact and endure these kinds of falls, manufacturers chose the material that is flexible, resistant and doesn’t hinders riders’ performance at the same time. They have chosen leather, Kevlar or special Viscos foam. All said, every decent protective suit has some sort of leather protective sheet inside them even if the entire suit is not made of leather itself. Skateboarding Leathers are available in various brands and styles.

Another important aspect is that being athletes and sportsmen, they tend to sweat a lot so it is imperative that these protective suits are made with the fabric that ensures maximum airflow in and out of the suit for the comfort of its user. So while making the purchase, make sure you keep these things in mind. There are various brands available in the market that can cater to your size and style.


Protective gear for skateboard is vital part of the kit and it is highly recommended that such fast-paced sports played on concrete and hard surfaces should not be playedwithout appropriate protection, which can easily be ensured through these protective gears. Make sure quality is not compromised even if that means spending more. Accessories that come with skateboards are also quite handy and make a difference as far as your riding experience is concerned. So next time you step outside your home intending to hit the road, make sure you are properly equipped with protective gear. We have mentioned ways to get Best Skateboard Gear and Accessories so that you can get the best one for yourself and your loved ones.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Skateboarding


Beginner Skateboard Gear

If you are aiming for safe ride, it is imperative that you get proper skateboard gear in order to enjoy your ride without any danger to yourself. The first thing to get that is highly recommended is a good pair of skate shoes. You can do skateboarding in regular shoes but they can prove dangerous. Skateboarding shoes comes with a flat bottom that enables them to get firm grip on the skateboard’s deck. They of times, comes with added features such as reinforcements in areas that are most likely to wear out.

Protective Gear: Then, like any sports on wheels, putting on protective gear is imperative to avoid fatal injuries of any kind. In fact, putting on helmet before entering skate parks is mandatory in most places. Apart from helmet, kneepads and elbow pads are also important protective gear that can protect you from getting serious scathing of skin on concrete surfaces on your driveways or ramps etc. wrist braces are also recommended but using hands to break your fall is not advisable.

Beginner Skateboard Gear


Standing on a Skateboard

Now that you got the protective gear on, you are ready to start your exhilarating journey on your skateboard. The very first step is to become comfortable standing on the skateboard and learn to balance. If the board is borrowed or you got it already built skateboard from the shop, it is highly likely that you will feel a little bit uncomfortable.

Do not place your skateboard on concrete surface for your virgin stand on the skateboard. It is better to place your skateboard on a grass or a carpet to be on safer side. Once placed on a softer surface, try standing or jumping on it. Try balancing on the front or back wheels only. When you are on the board, move your feet in different positions to get the feel of the board and getting comfortable at certain position.

Standing on a Skateboard


Skateboard Stance: Goofy vs. Regular

This depends on personal preferences. Some people are comfortable with goofy or regular stance while standing on the skateboard. You can either put your right foot or left foot forward; whichever suits you. This differs from person to person.

Putting best foot forward: Your preference should be the one that helps you to feel comfortable with your stance. Just like there are right handed and left handed people, same goes for putting the left or right foot forward; it depends on an individual’s orientation. You can use both interchangeably as per your convenience. Right-footed stance is Goofy and using left foot forward is considered regular.

Skateboard Stance


Skateboard Pushing

Get Your Skateboard Rolling

Start by cruising around in an empty space like, a parking lot. Take your front foot and place them on skateboard so that our toes are on top of front truck or a little back.

Now with your back foot, push off to get the skateboard rolling and once it is moving, put your back foot onto the board. When you slow down, push off a little more to gain momentum. To turn, especially if you are going downhill, lean in the direction you want to turn to. This will get you to turn slowly in your desired direction. However, once you get used to skateboarding, you can turn by balancing for a split second on your back wheels and swing your front wheels in the direction you want to go.

Take Your Time Learning

It is quite imperative not to rush into turning like a pro. Take your time learning and practicing your turns and become comfortable with it. Once you are comfortable moving on a flat surface, next you can choose an easy hill without any traffic. Spend some time skating on it and practice your descent. You can enter skate parks earlier as well when there are fewer people there and practice your moves.

Skateboard Pushing


How to Stop on a Skateboard

Foot Breaking: The simplest way of stopping the skateboard is to take off your back foot and start dragging it on the ground. It will take a little practice and focus before the riders can safely stop their movement whenever they need.

Heel Drag: This is another way, which needs practice as well. Put the heel of your back foot so that is sticking out of the back of your skateboard and lean back a little so that the front comes up in air. Then, step off on your heel making sure that front half of your front foot is still on the board. For a short while, drag your heel and this will be able to stop your skateboard. You may fall on your back quite a few times before you master the stopping of skateboard smoothly and safely.

Powerslide: Powerslides, made popular through Tony Hawk video games, are trending but they are quite advanced method of stopping. It looks cool but still, it is not recommended for the beginners.

Bail: And when nothing works, follow your natural instincts and jump off the board. When your knees are bent while riding the board, landing should not be too hard. If you jump forward, it usually stops the skateboard. It may get your skateboard damaged, but its better be your skateboard and not your arms or face.

Stop on a Skateboard


How to Carve on a Skateboard

Leaning toeside or heelside to get the board to run in that direction is called carving.

Carving Tips

First, push your skateboard and put weight on our heels while on the move. This will help you turn slowly in that direction. The harder your push on your heels, the sharper your turn will be.

In skateboarding, this move is used a lot. You should choose an empty space, and practice carving a lot if you want to master it. For instance, try moving right at something that you are not aiming to hit and try carving around it.
By leaning your upper torso towards the direction you want to carve, carving will be easier for you. Carving on a skateboard or a snowboard has same rules and moves. For deep craving, try bending your knees and crouching low on your skateboard.

surfing skateboard


How to Skate at a Skatepark, and Over Flow

When it comes to skateboarding, the experience of skating over ramps, down slopes or a skateparks is completely different from that of streets or parking lots. They are different surfaces with different dimensions all together.

Skating Over Flow

The diving curves of the skateparks are sometimes called “flow”. Skateboarding over flow and going up and down the slopes of skateparks is not easy. It takes focus and lots of practice to master it. First thing to do is to keep your weight on front foot always. You should make sure of that while riding over a big bump, downhill or through a skatepark. You should be relaxed through the flow and make sure there is no traffic around.

Transfer Your Weight

Here is a useful tip to this key; when you roll up a ramp or a slope, pause and ride back down and this gets front foot changed. This is because your front foot is the one that is facing the direction you are going, it does not matter whether it is right or left. While riding up or down the hill or slope, you should shift your weight from one foot to the other when on top.

Bend Your Knees

Second tip that can help you master the slopes is to keep your knees in bent position and as relaxed and loose as you can. This helps you absorb the shock you experience on impacts of bumps and changes. As a thumb rule, you should know that the more relaxed and bent your knees are, the better you cope with bumps and slopes. Avoid huncing your shoulders too much though, and try to keep your back relaxed as well.


How to Kickturn

When you become apt in stopping, starting and carving, you can start practicing kickturns.

Balancing for a Moment: Kickturning refers to the ability to balance on your back wheels for moment and swing the front of your board to different direction. This takes a lot of practice and balance.
Once you are good with kickturning, practice kickturning in both directions. Try to perform kickturn while moving as well as while skating on ramps.

Skate at a Skatepark


Getting Hurt Skateboarding and Getting Back Up

Any sports with wheels involved tend to get you injured, one way or another. And it could be painful experience at that. It is a routine matter that you can get hurt while skateboarding especially if you are a beginner. You, of course, have your protective gear for the same reason, but still, you can get hurt. Apart from wearing your protective gear, you can take certain steps to reduce the damage.

Don’t Use Your Hands

It is recommended by experts that while falling, avoid using your hands to break your fall. If you lose your balance and are going to hit the ground, let your shoulders and body take the fall, rolling with the blow as much as you can.

If try to break you fall with your hand, there are great chances of breaking your wrist in the process and although, you might wear wrist guards to protect your wrists against that, there are times when you don’t wear it and out of habit falling on your hand might damage your wrist.

Shake It Off

If you experience a fall, get up if you can, walk around and shake it off. Every time you fall, your body will learn not to do it again. Skateboarding does not hurt too much, but broken bones are common amongst skateboarders. And if you think you are hurt or have broken something, do consult a physician right away.

Hurt Skateboarding


Skate and Create

Once you get comfortable with basics of skateboarding and cruising easily around, you might like to perform some tricks that you have seen and heard so much about and are ready to do them yourself. Some of these street trucks are:

The Ollie: Too excited, most skate enthusiasts try to do it too early. It is an important trick and quite famous among the skateboarders.

Pop Shuvit: It is an awesome trick to learn along with the Ollie as it takes a set of very different skills to master it.

Manual: This will help you master the balancing act. Manual can be integrated with other tricks.

Rail Stands: Sometimes, it also comes to be known as Primo stands. This trick is not as easy as it looks. In fact, it is a lot tougher.

Other than the aforementioned tricks, there are various others as well like, kickflips, grinds etc. that you can learn with time and practice.

Skate and Create


Skateboarding is a fun sport and gives you a high dose of adventure and action. However, like any trade or sports, you can enjoy it to the maximum once you learn it properly and practice it. Skateboarding is a game that needs your focus and lots of practice. It also calls for patience, as it can prove disastrous if you rush into advance stages without learning and mastering the basics first. Take your time and move ahead to advanced levels step by step. And once you are there, enjoy and HAVE FUN!

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British Downhill Skateboarding League 2017 – Results!

Lush Teamrider Jonny Braund is the British Downhill Skateboarding League’s 2017 Champion!

Jon has been killing it all year, and he’s one of the nicest dudes on the UKDH scene to boot. Congratulations buddy!!

Jon follows his teammate Pete Connolly (who was the champion first year) – so we have Lush boards on the podium top spot for two years running! Pete has been busy breaking world speed records this year…

The British Downhill Skateboarding League has been running two years now. It aims to grow downhill skateboarding in the UK via a friendly points-based race league at existing UK longboard events. Check out for more!

Here’s a version of the final results for 2017. Congratulations to everyone who entered!!

Looking forward to seeing you at BDSL events in 2018!

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