Community Commitment

“Skate Everything” is not just an all inclusive vibe but rather a lifestyle for those who really subscribe to the underlying message found within the phrase. Our forefathers have devoted their entire lives to the rewardless pursuit of skating what ever they can put their four wheels on all the while never once trying to categorize what they were doing. They were way to busy steady bullin’ down the SoCal streets to catch the morning surf session before pushing down the street after the wind kicked up to poach an empty backyard pool. In this same spirit, #TeamBustin had us a true Skate Everything weekend as we rallied some of the Street Crew at Truxton Skate Park in Annapolis Maryland on Saturday to skate with the homies from Pure Board Shop and then followed it up with a downhill race and slide jam hosted by Faceplant Board Riders and Mark Nicolas down in D.C. on Sunday.

Although new to the Bustin Fam, there is nothing new to “Subway” about this dialed in lofty front heelflip. Photo: Joshtafari

For the Skate Demo on Saturday we gathered some of our local DelMarVA crew as well as Jacsen Kutik who mobbed down all the way from upstate NY to skate with us for the weekend. The park, although admittadly small had all of the right features to still  make it an absolute rip. The session stretched on for hours as all the homies were feeding off the energy of all the tricks that were being thrown down from everyone who came out.

Warehouse Manager Bruce Layne knows his nose. Photo: Joshtafari

Tyten Washington keeping the line of symmetry clean as clean as his frontside flip. Photo: Joshtafari

On Sunday the Bustin-mobile was packed full of more skate rats who were looking to get slideways at the event double down found at Skate D.C. Day which featured a downhill race as well as a radical slide jam.  The race course was held on a super fun little run situated on a closed road making it possible to stay safe before, during, and after any meetings pertaining to the topic. From first timers all the way to OG scene supporters, the entire spectrum was represented and everyone was able to push their limits of how much fun they could handle.

Matt K. taking the inside line on his Yoface35 as he edges out his Bustin Teammate Dan Fontz. Photo: Nick Pappas

Bustin Boards resident “Grom Phenom” Jacsen took his first downhill runs with a style and grace like he’d been doing it all along. Photo: Matt K.

After the race everyone rallied back in the van and rolled over to a classic spot situated directed adjacent to the Czech Embassy which has hosted many a slide jam in the past and we thankfully were able to continue the good luck streak and  successfully poach some runs this past Sunday. No matter the skill or experience level, there was not a single face on the hill that wasn’t beaming with stoke that can only be found from turning the wheels on a skateboard.

Jacsen throwing out a full cab after a clean and steezy heelside slide. Photo: Matt K.

OG subscriber to the slideways lifestyle Sean Graves showing the kids how to properly do it. Photo: Matt K.

Our DNA is composed of a genetic strand that when decoded is made up entirely of skateboard parts from every single discipline being practiced today. This is something we take a lot of pride in and only have more plans to get out and hang out with more skateboarders at the upcoming events that are scheduled to go down coming up! Come out to the following events and say whats up to the Bustin Crew as we hang out with the homies and focus on winning the “Having The Most Fun Award”.

May 27th:  Switchback Relay Presented by Cloudride Wheels

June 3rd: Crab Grab Slide Jam 

June 24: June Jam at Bowie Skate Park


What’s your set-up // Cameron Steger

This week we’re checking in with mid-west shredder and all-around homie, Cameron Steger.  Cam and his buds out in MI run Tribe Supply Co., a lifestyle and apparel brand – but most often, Cameron and the Tirbe…. tribe…. can be found hitting hills, local golf paths, or really anything they can skate.

So when it comes to what our “Skate Everything” ethos means to you, Cam, what’s your whip?

“I ride the Shrike (duh) with some Rey trucks and Five-0 wheels, though I do wanna try different trucks soon though.  I fell in love with the Shrike primarily due to the micro drop pockets, and since I’m a smaller rider, I love that short wheelbase.”

Talk to us about Rey trucks.  Are they still around?  Regardless, how do you feel about them?

“I like my Rey trucks, but no, they’re not really around anymore, so I’m looking to move on too.  I’ve put some time on friends Savants and Aera trucks, one of those will probably be my new snag.  I feel like I need more Surf in my trucks, I don’t want lean unless I’m going super fast. I love surfing down runs, throwing more slides instead of taking the fastest line. I also like to throw techy tricks and you don’t really want lean trucks for that.”

[embedded content]

Cool beans, so, real talk: I know Will and Five-O are stoked on your riding ability and support your urethane addiction, but if you weren’t supported by Five-O would you still ride them?

“Hahaha yes, yes I would.  I really do think seeing your thane makes you better, shows you what you’re doing wrong. If all four wheels aren’t painting, you aren’t staying strong on your front foot(balance wise). But in all honesty I like how constant the Five-O thane is but they do die quick so that’s a pretty penny that adds up quick when you skate everyday.”

Any closing thoughts for the kids at home?

“Don’t get bored with skating, if you get bored you need to try something different or try riding switch. Oh and I can’t stress this one enough, don’t shut another type of skating out. You never know what you might like until you try it. Don’t hate, just skate.”


Bruno’s Back

After a not so brief sabbatical deep in the jungles of the Dominican Republic, our resident wizard Bruno Sirera Sorondo has emerged stronger and more stoked than ever before. After receiving the  soulful rest he needed, Bruno is now ready to share his inner creativity through physical expressions atop his Bustin sleds in the theatrical shred style that is uniquely his own. Once we heard Bruno was back home in Spain, we had Matt K. on the next available flight to Madrid packing all the heat needed to document Bruno skidding around his home turf. The following mash up of motion pictures is the final product showcasing everyones favorite skater repurposing and reusing anything in an attempt to Skate Everything.

[embedded content]

Bruno is riding the 8.875 Craft Series Skateboard which will soon be available in a limited edition graphic designed by Bruno him self. Keep up with us on Instabook or Facespace to be in the loop for when these boards become available online or at your local skate shop.


Transient Treks: High Tech Blin and the Shrike

The beauty of skateboarding is the sheer dynamic atmosphere that allows for individual creativity and expression to ooze from the pores of whoever is manning the helm. There is no rule book outlining the right or wrong way to ride which has fostered a creative driven evolution over the history or our art. The task of this progression has been passed from old heads down to groms for years and this right of passage is still just as relevant today. Here at Bustin we recognize our place in skateboarding and desire nothing else but to continue pushing towards this ultimate goal of progression through both our board design and the actual riding style(s) being done atop our sleds. We are honored to support a team of revolutionaries who don’t accept the status quo as the tell all end all but rather look for new opportunities for themselves to take skating in new and exciting directions.

One of our newer members of the #BustinFam has quickly solidified him self as one of these individuals who fits our bill of Skate Everything to a Tee. Blin specializes in freestyle skating and is one of the front runners in the recent resurgence of this discipline.  Drawing from historical foundations, Blin combines an old school approach with new school tech making for one of the most exciting skating styles out there today to watch. The man behind the motion pictures at Bustin, Matt K., recently caught up with Blin over in Spain and put in some serious work to compile visual evidence of his unique shredding style. Take a minute to soak it all in and try to wrap your head around some of the most technical combinations ever thrown down on a board that you probably thought was made strictly for downhill. The lesson here is never accept the standard during your pursuit to Skate Everything. 

[embedded content]


Spot Check: Hill Street Skate Park, Frederick Maryland

Located in the Western Maryland, The Hill Street Skate Park is a public park whose control has been taken over by local officials after originally being opened by the homies at Pitcrew Skate Shop. The park features a tiered lay out that contains hubbas, down rails, quarter pipes, a pool,  and the feature of particular interest for this Spot Check: a mini bowl. This endless waist high wave allows you to get hella slotted while still offering you the speed to blow fins the moment you get spit out.

The well worn in steel coping absolutely goes providing that frictionless sensation we all crave. With a 1 foot waterfall linking the various transition heights, this mini bowl is very manageable for all skill levels. Designed with a pocketed “shallow” end and a bowled in “deep” end, this variation of construction caters to unprecedented pumping pleasure.

Suggested Set-up:

Deck: Craft Series 9.875″ Limited Edition

Trucks: Independent 169

Wheels: Bones SPF 56mm

Bearings: Bustin Abec-7

[embedded content]