2017 Bustin Gear Guide: BambooX Maestro Mini

Bienvenido to the latest addition to the 2017 Bustin Gear Guide in which the Maestro Mini will be broken down and highlighted from the depths of our in factory store! This is a perfect board for beginner riders all the way to advanced skaters looking for a micro pusher to get around town on. Watch the quick break down of the sled before coming to visit us in the store and riding one for your self!

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-Length: 33″

-Width: 8.6″

-Wheelbase: 20″

-Drop-through truck mounting system

-Symmetrical double kicks

Suggested Set-up:

-Trucks: 180mm Paris

-Wheels: 70mm Bustin Premier Formula

-Bearings: Bustin Abec9 


Creating the “Caption Collection” -A Chat with Giotto Scarpellini

We recently expanded our graphic line up by adding an exclusive “Caption Collection” art series that was completely drawn  in house by a not so likely artist. Although his job title may have just about nothing to do with our art department, Giotto’s drawings soon surfaced after he landed in HQ as doodles that perfectly reflected some of the universal aspects we all experience as skaters.  Their simplistic styling complimented our existing line up of offered art as an incredible alternative for those looking for the minimalistic approach on the graphic of their shred sled.

I was able to track him down (which wasn’t to tough seeing as he currently occupies the room next to mine in the Bustin Skate House) to sit him down and sling some questions at him to try and better understand the personality behind the art.

The man behind the vision, Giotto Scarpellini showcasing the series that bares his artwork.

Joshtafari: Yo yo!! How’s it going tonight Giotto?! Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us to mob out a few questions!

Giotto: No problem at all man! Very glad to be here

1. Lets start with the basics: Where are you from and when did you begin skating? 

I am from Lugano, Switzerland, and I started skating when I was around 12 years old.

2.What skating style were you most keen to growing up? Was there a strong scene in your home town?

Growing up I was influenced by different styles and people, mostly skaters from my hometown. I simply love to go fast and do ollies everywhere, that is what I enjoy the most, speed. Lugano had and still has a dope skateboard scene, we’ve got a sweet skatepark and a perfect bar, named Oops, where my friends and I hang out when I am there.

3.After hanging out with you even just for one night it became very clear how unique your story is. You are from Switzerland, living in China, but visiting us here in Baltimore for a few months. Tell us how that all came about.

Well when I finished my high school, around 19 years old, I went to Australia to learn english and then I travelled to South America for a while. After that I moved to the Netherlands and started a international business management bachelor, which brought me to China for a exchange period at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. I loved it out there hence once graduated I went back to Shanghai and looked for job opportunities. Few months ago I had the chance to meet Ryan, Bustin’s CEO, and we talked about working together.

4.Its crazy to think about moving and adapting to so many different cultures. How have you incorporated skating at each stop and have you found that its has been hard to do or a helpful advantage for you? 

In my opinion skateboarding makes everything much easier, its like a passport of its own and every skater belongs to one nation, Skateland ahahha. So every time you meet another skater its quite easy to establish a friendship and use it to discover more of any given cultures. Without skateboarding I wouldn’t be hanging out with you and the rest of the Bustin Crew.

Team Bustin member as well as HQ resident intern Dawson (@dangerdawsonhewatt) grabbing a fresh slice for the homies.

5.Skating seems to have played a heavy part in your life so far. Would you say that it has even helped inspire the style of your art you like to produce?

Indeed it has shaped the way I see things or how my brain process information, like any skater I suppose.  I don’t consider myself an artist but I do have loads of fun doodling around when I am not busy.

6.When did you start your doodling?

I have been doodling since forever! Whenever I have some spare time it comes automatically to grab a pen and draw funny stuff.

7.Explain how you went from simply a hobby artist to actually showcasing your pieces via your own apparel brand “Macello”. 

A couple of years ago, during my last year of university I decided, together with Carolina, my wife, to start putting my silly ideas on a piece of cloth. I was in China for my last semester and my friends in Shanghai, whom are all skaters, linked me up with some manufacturers. Yet I wanted to keep it very informal and personal, hence I bought a silkscreen printing machine and Macello Apparel was born. It is a funny Sunday’s hobby. ( Thanks Bill you are the best)

Skate break in between slingin’ orders at HQ.

8.These boards for the collab are all hand painted then hand screened to order. Why was this such an important aspect to include in the production process for this series?

Macello Apparel is all hand printed by my wife and I during weekends or evenings. I wanted to keep the same vibe with this collaboration thus to give customers a taste of  handmade products.

9.Besides the Caption Collection, do you have any other collab plans in the mix with Bustin?

You should ask this to Ryan and Jeff. I love the whole Bustin concept and business model, so I would be more than happy to doodle other things eheheh

10.Obviously the art is super rad and its been great getting to know the master mind behind it a little bit better but before we roll out, everyone is probably dying to know, how does the pizza here stack up to your ‘za back home??

Your pizza has mac&cheese on it, our has prosciutto cotto. I love both of them.

Dawson doing a multi-adjective maneuver down da dock on his new deck.

Be sure to head over to to the Skateboard Section of our website to scope the full selection of graphics from this limited collection as well as a few other choice options up for selection. It is one of our main objectives to supply unique, handmade skateboards that are 100% by skaters for skaters which is why we could not be more stoked to roll these boards out to y’all, the backbone of the skateboarding community.


‘Small Batch’ Nomad

The limited edition Nomad SB is a little project we did here at the shop in response to some folks who loved the stiffness of the original Nomad full-maple design. For all you push-heads who have been asking us to make a maple Nomad, here she is in all her spectacular New York-themed glory.

25 individually crafted and painted boards have been produced at our Baltimore HQ. When they’re gone, they’re gone.


Limited Release – ‘Blue Kingston’ Maestro – Push Collection Longboards

This week we’re really proud to release all new limited run graphics on one of our most popular Push Collection Longboards, the Maestro.  As you probably know, our graphic release strategy this year is 100% different than what we’ve done before (and from what most other mass-produced brands are doing).  We’re calling it the ‘Craft Artist Series’, which means ALL board graphics in 2017 are printed in-house in small batches and distributed in limited runs through our official site and through our preferred retailers worldwide through our Shop Customization Program (call your local shop and ask them what Bustin Customs they have in stock…. click here to find you’re local shop).

Bustin Craft Series Longboard Graphics

This week we’ve released three new graphics from three rad artists (see them each here), but we wanted to put a quick spotlight on the staff favorite, the ‘Blue Kingston Maestro’.  These signed and numbered custom batches are hand-crafted using an electron blue background artist finish behind streetscape collage with artifacts from around the world.  The resulting finish is a very clean, very fresh designs that radiates with almost any setup.  We like simple and we like street art, enough said.  These will only be available for a couple of weeks, pick one up here.

The Maestro deck is the best selling board in Bustin history and for good reason. Our first directional twin tip shape and most flexible board ever, this 37.5″ rig rides unlike anything else on the street. A hint of forward positioned camber and concave creates springy rebound in the push position while the slightly recessed rear pocket holds your foot and allows for easy transitions from kick to board. A usable, kicked nose and tail allow for a range of creative freeride potential and the super wide foot positions make for a comfortable, predictable stance. This longboard is designed to be an ultra fun, push longboard. What does that mean? It means that its a 3 pound, 37.5 inch magic carpet that only you can learn how to fly. This longboard is straight fun for everything from casual longboarding sessions around town with your friends, to focused trick training, to high speed rural hill bombing and hard carving. Its the kind of board you just can’t get off of no matter what you have to do or where you need to be. Be warned, skate everything addiction may follow.