Push More Rep Newsletter: February Launch Breakdown

Whats up Push More Fam??? I just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you in on some updates regarding the February Push More launch going live tomorrow! The whole goal of this program is to inspire y’all through each challenge to simply get outside and on your skateboard more. To continue this, we have come up with exciting new ways for you to expand your Skate Everything ability while still earning Bolts at the same time!

Push More Rep and Team Bustin rider Cameron Hancock making it look easy Down Under.

Learn a Trick:

Just published yesterday, the first Push More Trick Tip is just the beginning of our new Shreducation program that will give you helpful hints towards some of the most fun tricks that are possible on your skateboard.  To earn your bolts for this, simply post a photo or video of your self practicing the trick from the latest video using the appropriate hashtags. These videos will be dropping weekly so you will have tons of chances to not only improve your skill set but also stack those Bolts!

Phuong Tran wants you to Push with her towards progression!

Rad Photo Challenge:

You already have been posting about #ThyDailyPush but now we want to see your gnarliest experience on that push! We will be weekly reviewing these submissions and giving a Bolts Boost to the submissions that we find to be the most radical!

Owen Hopper risking it all to blast through freshly salted roads in search of his Bolts Box that was supposed to be in the mail

Share Your Shredventure:

We want to hear about your experiences as you get out and Push More! Skating can take you to some of the most amazing places or give you some of the most unique experiences possible. Submit to us a write up of what skateboarding has done for you and we may throw it up on the Bustin Blog as its own article. Earn Bolts just for the submission and get a Bolts Boost if you are chosen to be published!

Ian knows all about how his skateboard can lead him to unique experiences.

Bolts Challenge Scavenger Hunt:

Its back with a vengeance!  The Bolts Challenge Series was such a smashing hit that we wanted to give you the opportunity to rally community support for your skating submissions. We have come up with 5 obstacles for you to be on the look out for when on #ThyDailyPush so that you can mash up a quick edit of your self completing each one. The top vote getters will be rewarded with a hefty Bolts Boost for their efforts! This month we are asking for you to submit an entry containing:

  1. Hill Bomb
  2. Street Shenagains
  3. Slappy/Curb Tricks
  4. Commute Crushing
  5. Dirt Ride

Head over to the Rep Portal for a full break down of how to complete each of these before getting outside and searching them out!


Push More Rep Newsletter: What are your 2018 Skate Goals??

The art of skateboarding is not mastered in one day but rather is an ever going learning curve that takes dedication and practice to experience true progression. This personal evolution can be measured in many metrics but every skater has a specific list of goals that they are set on accomplishing on top of their board. We wanted to reach out to a few of our fellow Push More Reps and see what exactly their 2018 skate goals were whether it was traveling to a dream destination or simply landing that trick they have been working on. What follows are the aspirations of a few real skaters out there who are simply looking to Push More!

Leon’s main goal is just to have as much fun as possible this year on his Bustin Skateboards. Photo: Khaleeq

Colby Kennedy (Official Push More Rep Ogden, Utah):

“My 2018 skate plans involve getting a new Royce pro custom made board, specifically so I can pop the high Ollie’s, and land one of my favorite tricks, a kick flip over a five stair I found at a local skate park, right at the bottom of my favorite hill I call, “big7”.

Colby mobbin’ the race line into the New Year

Kyle Layton (Team Rider & Official Push More RepToms River, New Jersey):

“Basically my goals for this year are to learn as many new tricks as possible while going on as many skate trips as possible. I also want to document all of this by making the best skate video I can as well.” 

Kyle low key rips so any video he puts out will be worth the watch.

Rolando Lock (Official Push More Rep Saint Augustine, Florida):

“My skate goals for 2018 are pretty straight forward… I am committed to pushing everyday of this year no matter what and to progress daily improving my style and technical skills. Also I want to resurrect all the flip tricks and solid Ollie capabilities I once possesed in my teenage years. Last but not least I will learn how to slide before this year is done so I can unlock true stoke!!! Fully committed in 2018 and can’t wait for the new Bustin line-up!!!”

Rolando can already check “Visiting Bustin HQ” off his list of things to do this year so whats next for him??

Ol Justiee (Official Push More Rep Kalispell, Montana):

“I’ve been lucky enough to live in such an amazing area (Santa Barbara) for my favorite form of skating, downhill and freeride. With that, opens so much possibility for growth in my skill set. My personal goals are to push myself to be my best. That’d include skating faster, having better controls over my slides, and keeping good lines. Another personal goal is to join a few races and skate with other people to help improve my confidence and skill set. Although, My bottom line goal is to have fun doing what I love… Skateboarding. Whether that means just cruising or going fast, it’s all about fun!”

Slaying more Cali gems is all that Ol is thinking about this next batch of 365 days.


Push More Rep Newsletter: What does “Skate Everything” Mean to You??

Once a term gains a certain level of popularity, its meaning can be altered to best fit the group that has adopted it. Here at Bustin Boards, we have been a “Skate Everything” skateboard brand since our conception in 2001 and throughout our personal journey this mantra  has manifested its self into many different board shapes, wheel styles, as well as riding techniques. Creativity and self expression are top on our lists of what we like to support within skateboarding which constantly leads us to re-evaluating how we can better help our fellow community members truly “Skate Everything”.

We wanted to reach out to some of our Push More Reps around the world and get their personal take on this topic and their answers are featured in this, the latest Push More Rep Newsletter in which we asked some of the homies: What does Skate Everything” mean to you????

“Skate Everything” is a lifestyle that Toti Bicicleta knows all to well…

Owen Hopper: New Freedom, Pennsylvania

“Skate Everything” to me is just going out and skating with whatever style and doing whatever tricks with one board that you have. Whether that’s hitting the skatepark with a downhill board or shredding a mini cruiser down some gnarly hills. “Skate everything” could also be going and skating an object or a hill that the normal person would just look at and say there’s no way you could skate that and just going out and doing it! At the end of the day make due with what you got and explore all the ways to have fun on your board!”

Owen laying into a killer Coleman slide no matter what board is beneath his feet.

Tyler Platz: Madison, Wisconsin

“To me, Skate Everything is a way of seeing and interacting with the world. It’s having the awareness to understand your surroundings, the creativity to imagine a different purpose for it, and the passion to bring that ideation to life. Skate Everything is both the imposition of control and an act of surrender, a dichotomy brought to harmony by skill and experience. In practice, it’s spotting a coping, imagining the million ways you could attack it, slamming twenty times, and finally rolling out clean. Or, it’s finding a terrifyingly steep access road, plotting your lines, washing out into thorn bushes twice, and screeching to a halt at the gate on your last run. To me, Skate Everything is a style, a mentality, and a lifestyle.”

This very well may be a shot of Tyler slipping down one of his local gems right after crawling out of a thorn bush on his personal pursuit to Skate Everything.

José Miguel Chávez Galdamez (Pollo): Santiago, Chile

“SkateEverything means that you can find a spot everywhere, in any path, hill or park and you’re ready to shred it no matter the size of the board or the shape you are skating, you are always ready to shred everything on your way!”

“Pollo” getting blunted during a recent visit to the states and Bustin HQ. Photo: Matt K

Bob Kitsner: York, Pennsylvania

“The summer of 2017 was one of the best in my life. To be fair though, I try and make every summer the best of my life. This summer I had decided to get out of my comfort zone and try some completely new things. I saw a SwitchBack Race held by Cloudride Wheels on Facebook and thought “Why not, the only way I’ll get better is by pushing myself and hanging around people that are better than me.” This was my second skate event. I entered my first street contest when I was 13 years old, 31 years ago. I had no idea what to expect, but my main goal was just to meet some cool people and get better at Longboarding. I lost every heat I was in but, I did achieve my goals. I met some awesome people and I got better at longboarding. I even won a Bustin deck and a Bustin T-shirt, so not too shabby for a day of longboarding! I entered two more contests that summer with the goal of just having fun and improving. At the risk of sounding like a third grader reading his back to school report, that’s how 2017 was the best summer ever! I urge every skater, skater to be, or skater from the past to get out of their comfort zone. To Skate Everything. Learn some street and park tricks, learn some dancing tricks, learn to go real fast and slide real far. I urge every skater to show the world the positivity of skating. Be the change you want to see. Show the world our community, the respect we have for each other and our art. Go out of your way to be friendly and courteous to pedestrians. Show the world we really are a force for good.”

Poppin’ ollies in paradise, Bob knows how to keep his Stoke Meter high and it involves All Around skateboarding.


Push More Rep Newsletter: What’s Your Favorite Bustin Sled??

Aloha Push More Fam!! Welcome to this addition of the Push More Newsletter in which we have reached out to a couple of our own to figure out exactly which board from our lineup is their personal favorite and why. We have a pretty expansive line up here at Bustin because we support All Around Skateboarding and want to make board shapes that allow anyone to have the most fun possible while expressing themselves. Its always good to hear about other shapes from fellow skate rats so that when you are considering your next whip you can have some inside knowledge as to what board may be perfect for your next shredventure!

James Payne

“My favorite board is easily the Boombox – it has double kicks which is ideal for freestyle, a comfortable concave that doesn’t get in the way when dancing but is still enough to kick out for slides and freeride and the adjustable wheelbase makes it a good option for downhill aswell To make it even better, the dropped riding platform also makes it super easy to push! It’s a true Skate Everything board.”

Although not waterproof, this Boombox will still jam when exposed to moisture.

Salvador de la Torre

“My favorite board of the lineup of Bustin Boards is the Royce Pro Custom, thanks to the radial concave that keeps my feet on the board while I do slides at high speed, also thanks to its great variation of wheelbase that allows me to experiment with my board , and finally I love the tail that this board has combined with how light it is, it is very useful for skating whatever you want.”

The Royce Pro is fully adjustable, fully customizable, and fully ready to rip any and every Mexican mountain road Salvador can find.

Noah Walter

“My favorite Bustin Board has to be the Shrike TG! I have all of the TG boards, but the Shrike is the most versatile of them all, so I don’t have to swap boards around whenever I want to do something. It really is a quiver killer like the website says, and I can just take it out of my trunk to handle anything I need to do. I don’t like to be limited since I enjoy mixing up disciplines when I start to stall progress on one. While still possible to dance on drop thru boards, the top mount nature of the Shrike allows me to throw in some fancy footwork when I want, without having to be concerned if my foot will touch the wheels. I also picked the TG over the normal version, because it helps give me piece of mind. While Bustin’s BambooX boards will hold up to lot of abuse, I really don’t have to worry about beating up the TG as I learn new tricks. The biggest thing I love by far though has to be the urethane bumpers. Failing a trick and shooting the board off towards a curb, I don’t have to worry at all when I hear that loud smack. Maybe to some people, the price isn’t justifiable, but I’m a working adult and I like protecting my investment. The peace of mind really does help give me confidence to go all out learning tricks with no concerns!”

Diversity only found through Skating Everything and the TG Shrike is up for the task

Rob Werner

“I like the Bustin Street Decks, all the graphics are customizable! The wood is solid and has just the right amount of flex so the decks can take a beating and they last a while! After skating for 14+ years, I can 100% say the street decks are worth a ride!”

Rob flyin’ high and trusting his Bustin Street deck to help him land safely. Photo: Walter Orellana


Push More Rep Newsletter: Cold Weather Shredvival Guide

Unless you are one of our homies who lives close to the equator, these next few winter months are a trying time to be a skateboarder. Old Man Winter comes a-knockin’ and brings with him a full guest list of situations and scenarios that are not hospitable for us to get out and Push More. Although the odds are stacked against us for a couple months, those of us who are 100% Skateboarders are driven by an unexplainable desire to brave the elements to get in our thrills on our wooden wheelie boards.

As is with all things, there are tricks and tips that can make these cold weather sessions more tolerable and therefore they can last longer getting you the most stoke possible from your investment. We reached out to some of our tried and true Push More Reps to hear some of the ways they have come up with over their years to keep rolling through these trying times.

Jaap van der Sterren

“If it’s cold and windy, you should try to find a local parking garage. Racing down one is a ton of fun, and the flat parts make it perfect for nailing those flatland tricks you’ve been working on for a while or get a dope dancing line going, Some parking garages have security and they might kick you out, don’t be afraid to talk them and try to get a compromise going, say you will only skate a certain deck and if you show them you will clean your spot after skating, they will generally say it’s gucci. If they however say you have to bounce, then just bounce.

Staying stoked during a recent visit to HQ, Jaap ain’t afraid of an American East Coast winter! Photo: Khaleeq

When you’re going to skate outdoors, be sure to layer up. Get yourself a jacket and a zip up hoodie (get that Bustin hoodie) cause when you start skating you will get warm, so drop that jacket but be sure to wrap yourself in once you’re done. Because your mom was right all along, you will get a cold otherwise, and that sucks!”

 Kevin Griffin of WashCo Skate Crew

The salt of the earth dealing with the salt on the road. Kevin won’t let a little “winterization” keep him from slipping slideways.

“The WashCo Skate Crew guys and gals know that you can’t skip out on skating just because its winter. To keep up on our riding we layer up in the warm yet loose gear, strap on our full face lids, and charge down the hills. The shred season never ends! Hand warmers in the slide gloves is always a plus as well. Once you get moving you warm up, loosen up, and get ready to slam the best line you can throw down. Happy Shredding!”

Josh Fuentes

“In my experience with skating in the cold I’ve found that if you fail to layer up, the second you start to ride and that wind starts to hit you it’s going to feel like you have nothing but shorts and a tee shirt on. I’d recommend a heavy duty hoodie and a jacket(preferably weatherproof) to go over it. That way it keeps your body heat in. Also I believe gloves are a vital part of winter skating. I personally prefer fingerless gloves so you don’t have to keep taking them off to work your phone or touch sensitive slide gloves for the freerider/downhiller.”

Slidin’ through the eye of the winter storm. Photo: Lucie Giraud

Mike Mayhew of the Yoke Crew

“What I used to do to skate in the cold for trips like Yokesgiving as well as when it was cold once upon a time in Tahoe lol, was 1st a half size too big of a shoe with two pairs of socks one skate and one wool. Then the normal long John under a pair of jeans and a long sleeve with a hoodie and wind breaker. Then I use snowboarding glove liners inside of my slide gloves. And now a full face but when I didn’t have one I used my snow face mask.”

Mike may live out West now, but he grew up on the classic East Coast winters.