Spot Check: Hill Street Skate Park, Frederick Maryland

Located in the Western Maryland, The Hill Street Skate Park is a public park whose control has been taken over by local officials after originally being opened by the homies at Pitcrew Skate Shop. The park features a tiered lay out that contains hubbas, down rails, quarter pipes, a pool,  and the feature of particular interest for this Spot Check: a mini bowl. This endless waist high wave allows you to get hella slotted while still offering you the speed to blow fins the moment you get spit out.

The well worn in steel coping absolutely goes providing that frictionless sensation we all crave. With a 1 foot waterfall linking the various transition heights, this mini bowl is very manageable for all skill levels. Designed with a pocketed “shallow” end and a bowled in “deep” end, this variation of construction caters to unprecedented pumping pleasure.

Suggested Set-up:

Deck: Craft Series 9.875″ Limited Edition

Trucks: Independent 169

Wheels: Bones SPF 56mm

Bearings: Bustin Abec-7

[embedded content]


Spot Check: Bell Foundry DIY Baltimore, MD

Nestled next to one of Baltimore’s most unique artist communes,  The Bell Foundry DIY has been a staple spot of anyone from the Charm City skate scene. In true community fashion, all the features erected here have been done so by skaters, for skaters. Featuring a full on wall ride, multiple quarter pipes, and a mini spine, this may not be the biggest or cleanest spot ever but it has plenty of offerings to keep you busy.

One of the many hidden gems of Baltimore

Once you locate the spot, you will either need a local with the knowledge of the code to the pad lock on the gate or you will have to go rogue and simply hop the fence. Unfortunately due to some bureaucracy bull crap recently the house has been force vacated leaving the fate of this place completely up in the air. The clock may be ticking to get a last session in at this iconic spot so all you Baltimore skate rats  as well as visiting shredders better get after it while the gettin’ is still good.

Bruce Layne front side flippin’ amongst the urban paradise

Will trying a nose pick wall ride combo during a recent visit to Bustin HQ

Suggested Set-up:

Deck: Craft Series 9.875

Trucks: Independent 169’s

Wheels: Bones SPF 56mm

Bearings: Bustin Abec-7

Always keepin’ things crafty and creative amongst the crust. Photo: Bruce Layne


Spot Check: Xibalba, North Carolina

Deep in the mountains of North Carolina lies a beast of a road that once tamed, provides its master a chance to rip down one of the top downhill skateboarding play grounds in the world. Featuring all of the necessary elements to make a road and epic run, Xibalba combines some straights with a few sweepers that are linked by a couple hair pins. The whole run was laid with a high quality pavement that really caters towards a full on charge approach.

Not a bad opening statement…

Matt K. standing tall during a recent trip down to hang out with the NCDH homies.

A word to the wise, this is a double yellow road meaning that it is a LIVE road featuring traffic and all the full on unpredictability that is  associated with such conditions. This is a road is best suited for those with experience riding at higher speeds and know how to safely stay in their lane during the duration of the decent. If you know this spot or happen to find it, always skate safe and please be courteous to not blow the spot by respecting the locals and only leaving thane lines as evidence of your presence!

Suggested Set-Up:

Deck: Bamboo-X Shrike Kingston Post Graphic

Trucks: Paris X Bustin Collab Matte Black

Wheels: Sniper 70mm/80a Red

Bearings: Bustin Builtin Bearings

This road ranks high on Matt’s list of favorite roads of all time, we like to think he makes Xibalba’s list of all time favorite skaters as well.


Spot Check: Well Fare Banks, Washington D.C.

Deep in the heart of the District lies a spot of such renown that any core East Coast street skater has actually skated it or at least knows of its existence through video parts from years past. The Well Fare Banks are straight up skate park inspired architecture which features a granite banked wall sloping up to a perfect brick topped manny pad.   This construction also allows for endless expressions of creativity as the entire “coping” is buttered up for tastey slides or grinds of any kind while the flat top deck allows for the linking of dream lines.

Helping make America “Skate Again”

This spot is situated outside an actively inhabited building making this spot off limits during normal business hours. A successful session was had by the Bustin Crew mid day on a Sunday but know going into this strike mission that this is a limited resource that has potential to be heavily guarded.

Suggested Set-Up:

Deck: Craft Series 8.875 

Trucks: Caliber 8.5 Standard Raw/Satin Red

Wheels: Mini Logo 52mm Blue 

Bearings: Bustin Abec-9


Spot Check: Daytona International Speedway Daytona, Florida

Every year, thousands upon thousands of spectators pour into the Daytona International Speedway both on race weekends and throughout the year for daily tours of the race track. Greeting every single one of these guest is a memorial statue dedicated to Bill France, the OG founder of NASCAR back when it was still bootleg booze runners getting together to test their get away cars. Little did NASCAR know that they hired Team Pain Skateparks  to erect this monument because the sheer skate-ability cannot be a coincidence.  Featuring an angled wallie bank that perfectly perches a completely unpoached piece of pristine marble which is just begging to have a set of trucks scrapped across it.

A word to the wise: this spot has not been hit for a reason. Any attempts must involve the utmost Ninja stealth to avoid any direct run ins with the 2nd Amendment.

Suggested Set-up:

Deck: Bustin 8.25 Street Deck

Trucks: Caliber Standard 8.5 Raw/Satin Blue

Wheels: Mini-Logo 52mm Blue

Bearings: Bustin Abec-7