Vert Skateboarding Basics

The skateboarding ramps having two long half pipes are called as verts. Just like the X Games, you will find these Verts. As the ramps are vertical, they are, in short, called as ‘verts’. If you ride on an overt ramp, it will be a great fun for you.

However, the first thing for that is to learn the art of skateboarding. When you are done with the different tricks of the same, then finding the vert ramp is the next work in hand for you.

Finding a Vert Ramp near You

Finding the vert ramp is not as easy as it seems at the very outset. A few steps should be followed if you wish to do that. Starting off process would be best in a skateboarding shop. Most of the times, they are the ones who can guide you the best. But in case they fail to do so, you will have the following options.

Concrete Disciples: They are the ones who have been making the lists of the skateboarding locations for a long while. From them all the information regarding the right parks and locations for the verts can be taken. Using a filter you can find the right vert near your location and then go for it.

Free Skate Parks: This is another website which you can follow for finding the vert ramps. There also you can find a long list of the skateboarding parks enlisted.

Finding a Vert Ramp near YouYou can positively hope that will these options at your hand, you will surely be able to find the vert ramp that is nearest to you. However, you may have to drive there and pay for the park tickets. This is the thing that can happen.

Vert Ramp Protective Gear

  • Knee Pads
  • Helmet
  • Wrist Guards
  • Elbow Pads

If you are riding on the street, then the Helmet only is enough. But when you are skateboarding on the vert, then it is another story. In here, your speed will be quite high and so, in case you fall, then you can be hurt pretty badly.

The knee and elbow pads, therefore, are essential in every way. Also the wrist guards can work as additional supports. Don’t think that your look will be that of an amateur.

Vert Ramp Protective GearMost of the individuals who skateboard on the vert ramps choose to wear all of these. However, if you are still not feeling comfortable in this, then you should keep in mind that your ride will be over two slabs of wood that are attached by screws. Now it happens that sometimes, these slabs get loosely attached and the screws stay loose also. Now in case you fall over that crack and over the screws, wouldn’t it be the knee pads, rather than the knee cap that will save you?

Sliding on your Knees on the Vert Ramp

Once the choice regarding the riding gear is set, and so is the skateboard, then you are all set for the vert ramp. Then next part would be quite enjoyable indeed, you will wish to learn how to fall. At the time of vert skateboarding, there are many times that you will have to survive the fall. This is obvious and that is the reason that you will need to learn how you can fall safely.

If you have all of your pads properly set on your body, you will have to let go of the skateboard and find an empty place to fall immediately, a place where no other skateboard rider is using. Now you will have to run up at that part make the jump and then fall with the knee pads in front to take the blow of the fall. You can do that after sliding down the ramp to some extent. When you will do this couple of times, then you will get used to it.

Sliding on your Knees on the Vert RampHowever, there are times, when, performing this will not be easy enough. At other occasions you may fall with your back or head at the falling side. In such cases, protecting that part with your hands is not a nice plan unless you are using the wrist pads. However, saving the body with the hands is the best option that you can always try to do. However, however you try to save yourself, be relaxed and work with the gravity properly so that you land in the middle.

Pumping Up and Down the Vert Ramp

This is the part from where it all goes interesting. You have to take hold of the skateboard and find a part of the ramp that is empty. It is better to visit the ramp at a time when the crowd is less there.

Once you are at the bottom, get on your skateboard and give a push to yourself so that you can go up towards the vert ramp wall. At that time keep your knee bent as at the time your speed will get lesser you can increase it with the pushing out from the knees so that you can reach much higher on the ramp wall.

Pumping Up and Down the Vert RampOnce the speed is enough, you are on the top, then the skateboard will roll back and that at that time, you will have to shift your weight at the opposite side. The push that you will give here will be strong. Focus on the wheels and practice it a couple of times.

By the time you will reach on the other side, you will have the maximum speed. You will have to continue the back and forth practice for a long time so that your body grabs the trick. Then you will get the best idea regarding the process of pumping on the vert ramp.

Once you gain the confidence over the process, you can try for pivoting when you are at the very top of the push. Otherwise you can also roll back fackie. Whatever you choose, do that with a relaxed manner.

Working Up to Dropping In

The drop on the vert ramp happens to be a very tricky task and getting the body ready is very important for that reason. If you do not drop in properly, then there may be chances for serious injuries.

Using smaller ramps at first to drop is a good way to start your practice. At the skate parks also you can start off. Practicing on the mini-ramps, small quarter pipes and smaller wall of skateparks will be the best option. Ramps having a flat and clear area have the best opportunity for skateboarding. You can increase your speed there and keep practicing.

Working Up to Dropping InOnce dropping on those kinds of ramps becomes easy, and then you can venture on the ramps that are comparably bigger in size. It is better not to run in the process and give enough time so that you can be an expert in this part. After a considerable while of practicing in these ramps, the actual vert ramp is your next destination.

Dropping In on Vert Ramps

At the beginning, from the high, the dropping in part will look quite a scary thing, but it is actually not. Once you have the belief that you can do that, you really can.

You have to go up on the top of the ramp and then set the skateboard tail.

After this, when you will see the area ahead of you is clear of the other skaters, relax your body with some deep breathing and put the front foot over the front truck of the skateboard and then be steady and finally, let yourself go.

Dropping In on Vert RampsAt this time do not try to hold yourself back. In case you do so, you will have to face a crash. On the front truck put your weight and get on the ramp. The process is no doubt a little bit scary, but once you will do it, that fear will clear out.

Actually it is the belief that you can do it and that makes your skateboarding on the vert ramp much easier. The moment you gain the confidence that you can do it, you will start getting the fun.

After you increase the speed on the ramp, you can also make the shifting of your weights the same way you can at the time of pumping up on the ramp. Putting the weight on the foot is the best option in this case. Therefore, after speeding up, you will have to keep the weight over the front foot. Leaning on it is the best idea. Then again, when you are speeding up on the other side, shift the body weight to the back foot and ride back on the other side. This way, through the weight shifting to the two legs, you can do the back and forth.

Vert Ramps – Get Out and Ride

When you are through all these process, you can do the rest quite comfortably. This is the essence of comfort that you should have positively.

Vert Ramps Get Out and RideTaking guidance from the other skaters on the ramp is also quite suggestible. The usage free ramps have the most skaters. So there you will have a lot of persons to ask for more guidance.


Once you get a hang of learning the process to ride on the ramp, you will be starting to learn the different tricks such as Fakie, Rock, Axle Stall, Rock and Roll and so on. Once you are ready, relax and have all these fun.

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